51 Useful Lesser Known Commands for Linux Users

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44 Responses

  1. jacob says:

    Hi Everyone,

    If you had problem in “loop login” after execute “startx


    mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.bak
    in tty1 (ctrl+alt+F1)

    thanks tecmint <3 .)

  2. Changdev Gadhe says:

    Hello Ravi,

    I have Linux server of 64 cores. 32 and 32 core each and connected. Whenever I submit a simulation job for 32 CPUs, so everything is fine. I track its process use. It shows in each line each CPU using 100~99%, and at the 3rd line %CPU=49.5. but when I submit more jobs (previous 32) + 24 CPUs, I guess it goes to the same node, and reduce the performance of the simulation.

    I checked using top command. it shows in first 2-3 lines, %CPU=49.5, but there are now 54 CPUs are running with 100~99% utilization. So, my question is that what command should I type to know whether there are 2 nodes or different devices in my Linux server.

    When I type the command iostat, it shows following output:

    Linux3.10 (Redhatsrv) -x86_64 (64 CPU)
    avg-cpu    %user     %nice   %system    %iowait     %idle
                     46.72       0.51     0.50           0.0             52.27
    Device:     tps      kB_read/s   kB_wrtn/s    kB_read      kb_wrtn   
    sda           4.69     1.41            79.83            969225      5493
    sdb           1.23   68.00          160.22        46795308

    If there are 2 device sda and sdb, then how can I submit job to sdb device, Give your expert opinion.

  3. justahint says:

    Python -m SimpleHTTPServer is deprecated and python2 specific

    python is normally linked to python3, so you need.

    # python -m http.server  
    # python3 -m http.server
  4. Derek Jenkins says:

    On your `nc -ZV` example, do you rather mean `nc -z` (or possibly `nc -zv`)?

    And for Pv — are you referring to pv (aka pipe viewer) or literally Pv?

  5. Derek Jenkins says:

    On bash 4.1.2, I’m not seeing that a space before a bash command omits that command from history. Can you please elaborate on your explanation?

    • Martin Naranjo says:

      Include this line:

      export HISTCONTROL=ignorespace;

      In /etc/profile or write it directly at the command prompt

      If the variable HISTCONTROL includes value “ignorespace“, lines which begin with a space character are not saved in the history list.

  6. Geoff says:

    25. du -h –max-depth=1

    25. du -h –max-depth=1 Note that -m is not the same as –m. Use two of hex 2D.

  7. Jeff says:

    Regarding the first command, you can try “sudo!!” a thousand times, it does not work. I looked it up, and it’s “sudo !!” (with a space).

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