Advanced Copy Command – Shows Progress Bar While Copying Large Files/Folders in Linux

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25 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    Why not just use rsync with the –progress flag?

  2. feedblade says:

    when i download with wget . Following message appear . help me
    Resolving (…
    Connecting to (||:80… connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
    2015-05-23 06:58:47 ERROR 404: Not Found.

  3. DEEPAK says:

    [[email protected] coreutils-8.21]# cp src/cp /usr/bin/
    cp: overwrite ‘/usr/bin/cp’? y
    cp: cannot create regular file ‘/usr/bin/cp’: Text file busy

    • Ravi Saive says:

      I think something is preventing your from overwriting the file, so better use -f flag, it will force you to copy file. like

      cp -f src/cp /usr/bin/
      • forkicks says:

        Something -is- preventing the cp, the actual cp command itself :)

        Use an intermediate step and cp the new cp file as /usr/bin/cp1, then mv the old one out of the way and mv the new into place. It won’t be locked then. (I’m sure there’s some other smarter way of doing this, but this works).

        Also, the links to the patches are dead.

  4. DEEPAK says:

    Is there any malware patch in this ?

  5. giovane says:


  6. monsterz says:

    This thing always result in segmentation fault after 3~4 GB of data copied, using pre-compiled binaries, on Ubuntu 13.04.

  7. krisinho says:

    you could always create simple aliases for rsync:

    alias rcopy=”rsync –partial –progress –append –rsh=ssh -r -h”
    alias rmove=”rsync –partial –progress –append –rsh=ssh -r -h –remove-sent-files”

    works great:)

  8. AndrewM says:

    You could also just use scp with localhost.

  9. n2 says:

    I don’t log out every time i add a new alias, I just type:

    source ~/.bashrc

    and it’s ready for use :)

  10. Eddie says:

    I always use for this “rsync –progress” really simple

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