3 Best Arch-based User Friendly Distributions of 2015

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Jesse Afolabi

I am an aspiring Linux Engineer, a tech writer on thedroidreview and tecmint, I also love to dance and you can find me on YouTube - be sure to subscribe.

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13 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Tried out Manjaro as my intro to the arch world, And while i learned a whole lot while debugging it after the first install. It just wasn’t working for me. So i jumped to Antergos and i love it.

    Antergos has everything i will ever need, and I am using Xanmod14 4.9.9 kernel to speed it up even more. I think i might try out Apricity, and perhaps rip the packages it has to antergos.

  2. Cj says:

    Using Manjaro Gnome and xfce, two machines. As of last night thinking about OB Revenge and maybe give Antergos a 6th install try. It just won’t take, tried multiple machines and VM’s. My friend has it on his Mac (complete OS replacement) and it looks great.

  3. Ajit says:

    i am gonna be new in linux… if i install Antergos then can i use easily or there are some defeculties i may face??

  4. w1rly says:

    Antergos + KDE 5.7 = awesome

  5. Carlos says:

    Thanks for the info.When i had 15 I dedicated myself to install arch from 0. Now i have 21 and i don’t have so much time and this information is so good for back to linux <3 thanks you

  6. basil says:

    Iam looking for a distro which i could use blender, gimp and openshot as efficient as possible …..are arch based distros good enough or should i go for something like lubuntu or linuxmint ?

    • Jesse says:

      If you’ve got some previous experience using Linux, then Arch Linux is quite a safe bet…. Particularly because using Arch can get a lil tricky… And you should be ready to get fixing when something breaks… All in all, Arch is pretty stable and will let you work just as effectively as its Ubuntu counterparts..

  7. Jeff says:

    Currently using Manjaro Xfce on my trusty old ThinkPad Edge, it flies ! While it feels faster, I gets more time out of my battery than on Ubuntu 14. Loving the rolling release model !

  8. Bernhard says:

    You forgot MATE in your list of Manjaros flavours.

  9. Jesse Afolabi says:

    there is no doubt that the Antergos development team have done a great job with Arch while still extremely user-friendly…..once they have their app store ready for prime time, the operating system will certainly be a force to contend with in the nearer future……hopefully it can go shoulder to shoulder with the popular ubuntu derivatives out there including Linux Mint

  10. Rick says:

    I have been using Antergos Gnome for a few months now and I love it! The Ubuntu Gnome guys do a great job, but the development cycle makes it tough for them. Once you get Antergos setup the way you like it, it just runs and you get the latest updates all the time.

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