Install GLPI (IT and Asset Management) Tool with Fusion Inventory in Debian Linux

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Rob Turner

Rob Turner is an avid Debian user as well as many of the derivatives of Debian such as Devuan, Mint, Ubuntu, and Kali. Rob holds a Masters in Information and Communication Sciences as well as several industry certifications from Cisco, EC-Council, ISC2, Linux Foundation, and LPI.

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40 Responses

  1. zam says:

    fusion inventory and assets in glpi cant synchronize. I am using fusion inventory agent but they can’t send inventory to assets module.

  2. Parthiban says:

    hi Rob,

    1) actually I want to use it as secure site (https)
    2) I need only hardware inventory, not software inventory
    3) And I want I know server utilization will happen when agent communicate with server (In both end server utility as well as client also)

    Can you please help me out in this.

    • Rob Turner says:


      Thanks for the comment. GLPI does support HTTPS but you’ll have to either use a self-signed certificate or purchase one from a Certificate Authority like Verisign. As for hardware only, I’ve not looked into this yet. I will do some research and see if there is a way to disable software inventory. As for server resources, obviously when hosts start communicating back with the GLPI system resources are going to be used. Watching the unit we have setup, 30 or so clients connecting only uses about 80Mb of RAM during the connection and then frees up when they are done.


  3. Rob Morin says:

    Fantastic and simple article, it worked out perfect for me! Thanks a bunch! As I wanted to eliminate OCS server.

    • Rob Turner says:


      You’re quite welcome. Do realize that GLPI does have a newer version out now as well. The new version looks a lot nicer than the version in this article.

  4. Chaitra says:

    Please ignore my comment, I was using a corrupted version of the glpi, it works now. Thanks!

  5. Chaitra says:

    Thanks for the insightful article Rob.
    I followed the steps you mentioned above, when i enter the IP address of the Apache2 server, I get a 500 error. Any ideas?

  6. Rob Turner says:


    Could you provide some more information about which version of GLPI you are using as well as which plugin? There is a much newer version of GLPI out there now and you may be trying to use a plugin or version of GLPI that aren’t compatible with one another.

    • Danielle Narvaez says:

      good day rob!

      i now installed fusioninventory and configured the ‘agent.cfg’ file, but how and where do i activate the “fusioninventory-agent” command?

      hope for your speedy reply

      • Rob Turner says:


        Once you’ve configured the agent.cfg file, all you need to do is run the “fusioninventory-agent” from the command line interface of the machine you wish to inventory.

  7. Raghuveer Singh says:

    Hi Rob Thank You for this wonderful post.
    I have successfully install GLPI on Centos 6.7 and add windows and linux system with fusion-inventory.
    But How to deploy fusion-inventory remotely from GLPI server because it is not possible to install fusion-inventory one by one in client system.


  8. Pierre Bowrin says:


    I have managed to install GLPI v0.9 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with plugin for FusionInventory. The FusionInventory agent on my Ubuntu 16.04 client was also registered in the GLPI database. However, the FusionInventory agent (fusioninventory-agent_windows-x64_2.3.17.exe) on my MS WIndows 7 client was not.

    The agent appears to install without error. The host page also loads indicating the version running and an option to manually inventory. I have observed a reference to Strawberry Perl which I was unclear if was required.

    Grateful for your support and assistance in resolving this matter.

    Pierre Bowrin

  9. Ryan Cameron says:

    I’m having problems with Fusion inventory also.
    I cannot start the agent, it shows 404 error.
    I think that the error is because I used a Rosehosting tutorial first and then stumbled upon yours article after which i continued from where I left off and installed Fusion inventory.
    I think I have to start a new installation.

    • Rob Turner says:


      404 just means that it couldn’t find the resource on the web server. This is still potentially correctable! First thing I would do is make sure that you have the file “/plugins/fusioninventory/front/plugin_fusioninventory.communication.php” where web root is the location of the files for GLPI. If this file exists, check the permissions on all the folders leading up to the file. They must be readable and executable by the user running the webserver (should be apache2 from this guide).

      The next thing I would check is on the GLPI client. Make sure that it can ping the webserver that is hosting the GLPI files. Then in the file “/etc/fusioninventory/agent.cfg” be sure that the “server=” line maps correctly to the file above for example: server=

      Let me know what happens!

  10. Sam says:

    Hi Rob i have a problem with LinuMint, when i started the agent i see this :

    testmint minttest # fusioninventory-agent start
    [error][http client] communication error : 404 not found
    [fault] No answer from the Server at /usr/share/fusioninventory/Lib/FusionInventory/ line 261.

    How can I fix this ? Thanks !

    • Rob Turner says:


      This likely means that the url placed in the configuration file is not resolving. Open the agent file located at “/etc/fusioninventory/agent.cfg”. Inside this file there is a line that will start with “server = ” be sure that after the equal sign you place the url for the GLPI system. For example: “server = http://tecmint.tecmint.local/plugins/fusioninventory/front/plugin_fusioninventory.communication.php“. Be sure to change “tecmint.tecmint.local” to your systems hostname. Also make sure that the mint machine you are trying to configure can ping that hostname as well.

      • patrick ke says:

        yes I followed your guide and I successed install agent in Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS
        My enviroment is
        sever: debain jessie installed glpi-0.85.5.tar fusioninventory-for-glpi_0.85.1.3.tar
        agent:Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

        • Rob Turner says:


          Glad to hear! Hope you enjoy GLPI.

          • Danielle Narvaez says:

            Hi Rob! why is it every time i click the plugin it says “The action you have requested is not allowed.” i correctly installed everything and the plugin just wont work..hope you reply.

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