How to Install Linux Mint 18 Alongside Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot UEFI Mode

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Matei Cezar

I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting.

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135 Responses

  1. David Haines says:

    Step 1. says to shrink the Windows partition while in Windows 10. Question can I use GParted while running from Linux Mint Live Boot USB instead?

  2. deadsh0t says:

    Should i remove my Flashdisk? When it restart?

  3. Jan says:

    I am going to install Xubuntu 18.04 LTS on my old Acer Travelmate B-113. The Windows 10 are overall a good system and I like using them, but they got too slow for me to work comfortably. I already have dual-boot with Windows 7 on an even older netbook. Hopefully all goes well this time on my main machine. This tutorial is very useful!

  4. Pravin Kaushik says:

    Hey, I am unable to create a partition more than 2000 MB. The disk management isn’t allowing me. What should I do?

    • Mike S says:

      “You need to defrag this drive before you start.”

      “You can only make a partition with a contiguous space. Any file fragments would reduce that available space.”

  5. Emman says:

    Hi after installing Linux mint on my hp pavilion notebook, cannot boot on it. No selection on what OS to use. Can someone help me on how to show OS selection on the startup of my laptop?

  6. Patrick says:

    Trying this with Windows 10. When choosing how to partition it’s showing 5 sda and 3 separate free space sections, the biggest being 900mb. I did the shrink hdd instructions and I’m pretty sure it created the sda5 (based on size) but that’s also showing it’s mostly used.

    Did I do something wrong? Should I try the “alongside windows” option? Or try redoing the hdd shrink?

  7. Marri says:

    Lads be careful when trying to do this. I have lost my Windows install about 10 times now trying to get Linux on. When I get to the stage for selecting my area the install fails and wipes my windows partition as well as the ones I have created.

    I’m now thinking it won’t install. In every case I never have network connection. It’s a nightmare and I’ve worked in IT for 15 years. I’m ready to give up on Linux like I did 22 years ago.

  8. JerryI says:

    I had Windows 10 pre-installed with 52428 MB free space. After I set up the swap partition, the remaining free space (51404 MB) show as unusable and I cannot proceed. Can anyone help me?

    • Ravi Saive says:


      You should create a logical partition from disk manager for Ubuntu installation to show up as free space while installing Ubuntu.

      • JerryI says:

        Disk manager shows that I have a 122GB unallocated block on my drive. Is this a logical partition? If not, how do I use disk manager to make it into a logical partition for installing Ubuntu?

        • Ravi Saive says:


          Follow the step Shrink HDD Space for Dual-Boot in the article, that shows how to use disk manager to shrink or create a new logical partition for Ubuntu installation.

  9. Abdul Saboor Khan says:

    I am worried about my windows 10, if I install Linuxmint with windows 10 so my windows will be damaged or not?

  10. Rio says:

    Does these steps work for windows 7 with mbr partition scheme?

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