How to Install Ubuntu 16.10/16.04 Alongside With Windows 10 or 8 in Dual-Boot

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Matei Cezar

I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting.

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312 Responses

  1. Tamim says:

    Hi, I am a beginner. so please don’t mind.
    will I be able to access the Windows partitions after dual boot while using ubuntu??

  2. pranit says:

    I did as it is but on restarting, I can’t see the option of selecting OS ie ubuntu or windows 10? what should I do?

    • Matei Cezar says:

      UEFI settings -> Boot Options -> BBS Priorities. From there, on some UEFI machines, you can setup what OS should be loaded by default.

  3. Luki says:

    Hi, I followed your steps, but the unallocated space I created in windows only displayed as unusable 0. what should I do about this? Please any help is appreciated.

  4. Adrian says:

    Hi Matie,

    I downloaded 16.10 but I don’t find dual boot option. What I have to do?

  5. Sjur Bjerke says:

    Hello, great tutorial, but I must have missed something. After reboot, I no longer had my Ubuntu boot option. Gone. Any easy way to get it back?

    • Matei Cezar says:

      Some UEFI motherboards won’t display any GRUB in dual boot. Go to UEFI settings -> Boot Options -> BBS Priorities. From there, on some UEFI machines, you can setup what OS should be loaded by default by the motherboard.

  6. Alec says:

    Hi, Matei I followed all the steps and am able to double boot – however, ubuntu won’t connect to my wifi. As you can see I am online no problem when I boot windows.

    Some other forum recommended sudo service network-manager restart

    I think the manager restarted but the problem persists

    • Matei Cezar says:

      Go to Software and Updates -> Additional Drivers and install the recommended driver for wi-fi if the card is automatically detected and one is provided.

  7. Mohamad Faizzi says:

    Hi, I need your assistance! I already had 120Gb SSD and 1TB Hard disk, my windows installed on the SSD, if i install the Linux on SSD, is it still can access to the HD? i get confused about storage and dual boots. thanks man!

  8. Jay Bhanushali says:

    I am not able to boot from pendrive

  9. Dionisis says:

    When I created the partitions and clicked continue, I got a message “partition #6 could not be formatted“.

    What should I do ?

    • Matei Cezar says:

      Delete the partition and recreate a new partition. Also, from CLI (use ALT+F2 or F3… to enter CLI) you can launch fdisk or parted utility and verify partition table.

  10. Amar says:

    So after following these steps to install Ubuntu, i rebooted and went to the grub menu to find out that my windows 7 partition is gone. I updated grub and the problem remains.

    Please help because my other drives are still there i just cant access them. My main windows partition was 650+ gb while my Ubuntu is only 100 gb. Any help is appreciated

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