KWheezy 1.1 Full Review – A Debian Based OS for Linux Beginners

KWheezy is a Debian based Linux operating system developed for general use of desktop computing. It features pre-configured KDE desktop and a very good selection of GNU/Linux and Open Source software. It is fully featured with popular applications such as plugins, drivers, fonts, media codecs that you need on a regular basis.


  1. 100% compatible with Debian 7.1
  2. Virtual Box to run multiple guest operating systems.
  3. Jitsi (multi-instant protocol messaging with audio and video calling).
  4. WINE (Windows compatible layer).
  5. Audacity (Sound editor) and Kdenlive (video editor).
  6. Imagination (DVD slideshow creator).
  7. PDFMod (you can merge re-arrange and split PDF documents).
  8. It has Inbuilt Remastering tool.
  9. VLC and Clementine music player.
  10. Pre-installed all plugins drivers and media codecs.
  11. Gimp, Krita (bitmap graphics editors)
  12. It is Fast and more reliable than Windows.
  13. User friendly and Flexible desktop computing experience.
  14. Get huge bundle of free software’s in the App Store.
  15. Multiple Languages support
The KWheezy Desktop

The Default KWheezy Desktop looks absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Kwheezy KDE Desktop

Kwheezy KDE Desktop

3D Workspace

For better and smooth performance of multi-tasking, 3D workspace has four workspaces. If in case one workspace gets cluttered, you can easily move to another empty workspace. You can always switch between workspaces with one click. KDE provides stunning 3D effects which makes desktop more beautiful and fun.

KDE 3D Workspace

KDE 3D Workspace

The Applications menu

All the applications are categorised by genre, so it makes you easy to find the apps that better suits your next task.

The Application Menu

The Application Menu

Shelf (Panel Widget)

The shelf is a shortcut widget that helps you to access frequently visited place quickly and easily. With the help of search toolbar at the top you can easily search for an application, services, files and folders.

Shelf Panel Widget

Shelf Panel Widget

Alt-F2 Magic

The combination of Alt+F2 keys is very useful. You can see the pop-up on the top of the screen. Type description of the App you want. It will automatically display a short list of quickly launch application. It will also find files and folders of relevant description you type. You will also have spell checker and search Wikipedia.

Alt F2 Magic

Alt F2 Magic

Dolphin (File Manager)

Dolphin is the default file manager in KDE. It’s one of the most powerful and user friendly file manager and very customizable, you can even add your own services and get access to the shared folders like FTP, SMB/CIFS,Windows shares via Samba etc very easily.

Dolphin File Manager

Dolphin File Manager

Dolphin- Preview Mode

It is a toolbar button which helps you to switch on/off the preview mode. You can customize the file that you want to be previewed by file type, location and size.

Dolphin Preview Mode

Dolphin Preview Mode

KWheezy Autostart Chooser

The KWheezy Autostart Chooser enables you to choose useful applications to automatically start at login to your system.

Kwheezy Autostart Chooser

Kwheezy Autostart Chooser

KWheezy Manage Users

KWheezy Manage Users, is a place where you can Add/Remove or Modify users. It is a graphical interface for command ‘adduser‘. Hence it follows the configuration in “/etc/addusers.conf“.

Kwheezy Manage Users

Kwheezy Manage Users

Apper – Add / Remove Software

Apper Manager Software allows you to download and install newest packages from the official Debian or any appropriate third party repositories. The apper manager has a huge collection of software packages which are divided into categories to make you easier to search files by name and description using filter bar.

Apper Add Remove Software

Apper Add Remove Software


KWheezy OS is an attractive spin of Debian. I surely recommend KWheezy for users who are new to Linux World or those who want to give a try Debian the easier way. As I said above, KWheezy bundled with huge collection of applications which provides out of the box experience to users and makes it a decent choice for newbies.

KWheezy is perfect for those users who like to have lots of application, but if you would like to have custom created applications list and a pleasant system, then go for Debian 7 Wheezy KDE.

Download KWheezy 1.1 ISO

You can download KWheezy 1.1 for 32 and 64 bit versions using following links.

  1. Download KWheezy 1.1 32-bit ISO
  2. Download KWheezy 1.1 64-bit ISO

Reference Link

KWheezy Homepage

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2 Responses

  1. Ness says:

    It looks like LMint-KDE to me. Is KWheezy a rolling distro?

  2. Stuart says:

    Am I the only one that thinks KDE fonts are a bit anorexic? I like my fatty fonts in ubuntu.

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