Linux Mint 13 (Maya) Step by Step Installation Guide with Screenshots

This article is our ongoing testing of different flavours of Linux. Here, we are going to see the installation of Linux Mint 13 (Maya) which is based on Ubuntu Linux. Linux Mint first release was on 2006 with named “ada” and latest release is Linux Mint 13 with code name (Maya). Linux mint comes with wide range of application like LibreOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, GIMP etc.

Default desktop environment is ‘MATE‘ or ‘Cinnamon‘ also available with various desktop like Plasma Desktop and Xfce. Also other desktop environments can be installed via Advanced Packaging Tool (APT).

Linux Mint 13 Installation Guide

Installation Guide of Linux Mint 13 Maya

Visit to know more about Linux Mint 13 (Maya) features.

Download Linux Mint 13 (Maya) DVD ISO’s

Linux Mint 13 (Maya) has been released and you can download from here or follow below links.

  1. Linux Mint 13 (Maya) ISO – 32 Bit
  2. Linux Mint 13 (Maya) ISO – 64 Bit

Let us begin installation of Linux Mint 13 (Maya). It’s fairly easy to install as it won’t offer a lot of options so you cannot go wrong during installation.

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Linux Mint 13 (Maya) Installation Guide

1. Boot Computer with Linux Mint 13 (Maya) Installation CD/DVD or ISO.

Installation of Linux Mint 13

Boot Linux Mint 13 Installation DVD

2. Welcome screen of Linux Mint 13 (Maya).

Linux Mint 13 Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen of Linux Mint 13

3. Preparing to install Linux Mint.

Preparation of Linux Mint 13

Preparation of Linux Mint 13 Installation

4. Click on Install Linux Mint.

Install Linux Mint 13

Install Screen of Linux Mint 13

5. Select Language and click on continue.

Linux Mint 13 Select Language

Select Language

6. Next Screen shows few requirement like 5.7 GB disk space and internet.

Linux Mint 13 Disk Selection

Linux Mint 13 Disk Selection

7. Partitioning screen where you can define your own partitions. Best way is to select “Erase disk and install Linux Mint” and click continue.

Linux Mint 13 Partition

Linux Mint 13 Partition Selection

8. Choose time zone.

Linux Mint 13 Time Zone

Time Zone Selection

9. Select keyboard layout and click continue.

Linux Mint 13 Keyboard Selection

Keyboard Selection

10. Fill information as desired and click on continue.

Linux Mint 13 Fill Information

Enter your information

11. Installation is in process this may take few minutes.

Linux Mint 13 Installation Process

Linux Mint 13 Installation Process

12. Installation completed, eject CD/DVD if any and reboot system.

Linux Mint 13 Installation Completed

Linux Mint 13 Installation Completed

13. Your Linux Mint system is ready, login with user name and password provided during installation.

Linux Mint 13 Login Screen

Linux Mint 13 Login Screen

14. Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop.

Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon Desktop

Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon Desktop

That’s it. Linux Mint 13 is now installed.

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4 Responses

  1. Phil David says:

    Hello Ravi,

    I’ve been using Linux Mint (Maya) for years and have been very happy with it. My computer is an HP a1129n, purchased in 2005, and the original HD stopped working in 2014. I then purchased a Seagate HD in 2014 and last year 2015 it crashed and since it still had the manufacturer’s warranty, it has been replaced with two other HD’s which also crashed in a few weeks.

    They all made the same sounds of clicking and attempting to start but wouldn’t turn on. However, this last HD also gave a message that the Greeter Application was crashing and then gave the option of an alternate one if I pressed Okay, which I did.

    It came on but when I attached the printer USB, it went dead. Sometimes it still comes on but when I use an accessory such as a CD or USB or Printer, it immediately goes dead. Please give me some info on the Greeter Application, its function and location and whether it has been causing these HD’s to stop responding. Thank you so much.

    • Ravi Saive says:


      Strange, I am using My Laptop since 2008, but never had a such problem of crashing HD that too frequently, my HD is still working fine without any issues, to fact I keep updating my OS with latest version of Linux distros, currently I use Linux Mint 18 which is super fast, stable and better performance, about USB stuff, Linux Mint is very good in detecting all pluggable devices..I think you should upgrade your OS and see…

  2. George says:

    Can I run FS 2004 ON Linux 13?

  3. Martin says:

    This is my first tryout with Linux; I’ve only ever used Windows previously. Your run through was so easy to follow and get it up running. I’m looking forward to learning Mint now.

    Many thanks.

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