Linux Mint 15 Codename (Olivia) Installation Guide with Screenshots

Linux Mint 15 Codename ‘Olivia’ released on 29 May 2013 which is based on Ubuntu 13.04. It’s available in two editions ‘MATE’ and ‘Cinnamon’. Linux mint is a Ubuntu based distribution and is compatible with Ubuntu Software repositories. Linux Mint name of the releases are in alphabetical order. Linux Mint first release in 2006 named was “Ada” second was “Barbara” and so on. Olivia is pronounced ‘oh-LIV-ee-ah’. It is of Latin origin and the meaning of Olivia is “olive tree”. The olive tree is a symbol of fruitfulness, beauty, and dignity. Keeping that beauty and dignity of Linux Mint in mind, let’s start installation process with ease.

Linux Mint 15 Features

  1. New tool MintSources aka Software Sources developed from scratch to manage software’s.
  2. MintDrivers (Driver Manager) is available.
  3. MDM with 3 greeters: GTK Greeter , Themeable GDM Greeter and HTML Greeter.
  4. Cinnamon 1.8 with Nemo file manager.
  5. Cinnamon features with own screensaver. You can lockdown system with message on screen.
  6. Mate 1.6
  7. Kernel version 3.8.x which supports for UEFI Secure Boot.
  8. Supports for Upstream components.

For a list of complete features reviews and download links of Linux Mint 15, can be found at Linux Mint 15 Review and Download Links

Installation of Linux Mint 15 with Screenshots

1. Boot Computer with Linux Mint 15 Installation medio or ISO.

Boot Linux Mint 15 Installation Media
Boot Linux Mint 15 Installation Media

2. Welcome screen, click on ‘Start Linux Mint’.

Start Linux Mint 15
Start Linux Mint 15

3. It’ll take you directly to Live Environment Desktop from where you will find out and test the Linux Mint. To install  on Hard Drive, click on ‘Install Linux Mint’ from desktop CD icon.

Install Linux Mint 15 to Hard Drive
Install Linux Mint 15 to Hard Drive

4. Welcome, Select Language and click on ‘Continue’.

Linux Mint 15 Language Selection
Linux Mint 15 Language Selection

5. Preparing to install Linux Mint, click on ‘Continue’.

Preparing to install Linux Mint 15
Preparing to install Linux Mint 15

6. Installation type, choose ‘Something Else’ if you want to customize partition by your own. Two options ‘Encrypt the new Linux Mint installation for security’ and ‘Use LVM with the new Linux Mint installation’ included in Linux Mint Version 15. Choose appropriate options and click on ‘Install Now’.

Select Linux Mint 15 Installation Type
Select Linux Mint 15 Installation Type

7. Regional Settings, click on ‘Continue’.

Linux Mint 15 Regional Settings
Regional Settings

8. Choose Keyboard layout, click on ‘Continue’.

Linux Mint 15 Keyboard Selection
Keyboard Selection

9. Type user details like name, desired username and password to login post installation, click on ‘Continue’.

Linux Mint 15 User Creation
User Creation

10. Linux Mint is being installed, Files are getting copied and installed on system. Relax and sit back… Have a sip of coffee as this may take several minutes depending on system and internet speed.

Linux Mint 15 Installation
Installation Process

11. Linux Mint 15 installation completed. Eject boot media and reboot system, click on ‘Restart now’.

Linux Mint 15 Installation Completed
Installation Completed

12. A brand new HTML greeter, login with username and password created during installation, click on ‘Ok’.

Linux Mint 15 Login Screen
Login Screen

13. Linux Mint Software Sources screen.

Linux Mint 15 Software Sources
Software Sources

14. Linux Mint Software Manager screen.

Linux Mint 15 Software Manager
Software Manager

15. Linux Mint 15 base system is ready. This is end of the installation.

Linux Mint 15 Desktop Screen
Linux Mint 15 Desktop Screen

Reference Links

Linux Mint Homepage

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7 thoughts on “Linux Mint 15 Codename (Olivia) Installation Guide with Screenshots”

  1. Narad, I agree with Serry that screen shots with printed instructions are much better than text only, and better than a video.

    But most of your instructions are simply repeating what I can already see on my computer screen if I run the install program. What I need is guidance. Specifically…

    The hardest and probably most important part to explain, is for cases where Windows or another OS is already installed. I want to have both Windows and Mint, and be able to choose at bootup. And I want my personal files to be accessible from both operating systems. In your step 6, no other OS is detected, so of course you show no instructions for that situation. When “Something Else” is selected instead of the choice you made, the next screen is pretty intimidating, and I’m lost.

    So I need a lot more instruction for how to set up the partitions and how big to make each one.

  2. Many thanks, this is most useful! Glad to see ahead of time, that one needs to choose whether to use encryption, whether to use LVM (and what it is). I like this format (a web-page with screen-shots very much better than a video or a text-only description.

  3. I think this release is the best so far. I used to use Ubuntu exclusively but I really wasn’t a big fan of Unity or Compiz so I switched after Ubuntu 11.10 and have used Mint ever since.

  4. If you have trouble configuring the weather applet, use Gconf to configure your location and settings. Till the applet’s config program gets fixed that offers a nice clean way to modify settings no harder then using the registry editor for windows with less clutter to go through.


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