Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” Released – A Detailed Review and Download Links

Linux Mint 15 has been Released with the code name Olivia. Tried a quick hand on this and still exploring…


Linux Mint a Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu and is supposed to be one of the easiest and user-friendly distribution available today. Linux Mint comes with certain proprietary software’s which gives user a out-of-box experience without having to build and install such packages. Linux Mint introduced its 15th release named “Olivia“.

Olivia was released on May 29, 2013 and will be supported until January 2014, actually Linux Mint is released nearly within a month from the release of Ubuntu.

What’s New

MATE 1.6 is and Cinnamon 1.8, which are the desktop environment of Mint is nicely improved and contains thousands of new features some of which we will be going through.

Mate 1.6

Improved MATE 1.6 desktop Environment

Mate 1.6 Desktop

Mate 1.6 Desktop

Cinnamon 1.6

Thousands of new features added in Cinnamon 1.8

Cinnamon 1.8 Desktop

Cinnamon 1.8 Desktop

Software Sources

Software Sources also called as Mint Sources (only implemented in Olivia and was not in previous release). This tool perform a quick speed test and switch to faster mirror in a single click.

Linux Mint Software Sources

Software Sources

Driver Manager

A Mint Driver Manager (Feature of Olivia) lets you manage your drivers in a nice and effective yet simple manner. Independent application and contains Name and Logo for Famous Products Viz., NVidia Graphics Driver.

Linux Mint Driver Manager

Driver Manager


Mint Display Manager (MDM) has greatly improved on custom and advanced login greeter (GTK, GDM-Highly Customisable, Thousands of themes to be applied, HTML-Supports HTML5 and CSS can be animated). MDM Improvement is enough to Seduce you.

Linux Mint MDM

MDM Display

Nemo File Manager

Nemo File Manager is improved to provide better Desktop integration.

Nemo File Manager

Nemo File Manager


You can add several Desklets to your desktop similarly you add application in doc bar. Olivia comes packed with three Desklets – Launcher, Clock and Photoframe.

add desklets

Linux Mint Desklets


A completely new, featured set of its own screen-saver.

Linux Mint Screensaver

Linux Mint Screensaver

Set Own Message

Define Your Own Message before screen Lock, to acknowledge other, who might be searching for you.

Linux Mint Set Own Message

Set Own Message

Control Centre

You now don’t need to look back at gnome Control Centre but now are provided with Mint Control Centre for Better integration.

Linux Mint Control Center

Control Center

Spices Management

In Olivia Applets, Desklets, Themes, Extensions can directly be installed from Desktop and User need not to switch to Cinnamon website frequently.

Download Applets. Themes, desklets

Download Applets. Themes, desklets

Smart Notification.

Notifications are smarter and it’s now possible to add which monitor is used to display them.

Linux Mint Notifications


Desktop Background

Linux Mint added a collection of beautiful sets of Desktop background photographs from 12 different artists.

Linux Mint Background Wallpapers

Background Wallpapers

Other Features

  1. Fallback Mode and Render Detection improves the overall system performance.
  2. Applet/Desklet developer, don’t need to use settings anymore. settings API – will perform all this automatically.
  3. Windows can be maximised Horizontally as well as Vertically.
  4. Close windows using middle-mouse-click.
  5. Compositing is available.
  6. Support for MPRIS2 to control Media-Player.
  7. Customised, category based search.
  8. Easy installation with graphical booting.

Since Olivia is inspired by olive, as the name suggests. Olive green is the dominating colour, default and gives a sneaky, glass look to Olivia.

It is always said a single Ounce of practical is more productive than tons of theory. Why Don’t you Download it in Virtual Machine or boot using pen drive and if it gets successful in seducing you, Installing it into your master drive is not way behind.

Download Linux Mint 15

  1. X86 Olivia Download (Cinnamon):
  2. X86_64 Olivia Download (Cinnamon):
  3. X86 Olivia Download (Mate):
  4. X86_64 Olivia Download (Mate):

Use torrent to Download the ISO Image from Mint server which reduce load on server and lets you pause your download thus lesser chance of corrupted or invalid download. Before writing the ISO Image to disk it is always advised to check the integrity of download using md5sum hash.

Don’t forget to give your valuable comments. I will soon be returning back to with new article, Stay Tuned.

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4 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Any updates on this software?

  2. pajs says:

    How is this a review? Its just a list of facts and changelog…didn’t you try it?

  3. JaggedShard says:

    Have just downloaded and installed Linux Mint (MATE) v15 as second OS on dual-boot machine. Have to say I was very impressed with install process having tried (unsuccessfuly) a number of other ‘user friendly’ distros. Everything went very well and quickly too. End result looks a rich environment, looking roward to exploring more!!

  4. st0rmt4il says:

    Great Review!

    Im Downloading Linux Mint 15 Now to try it!..


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