Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa – Cinnamon Installation, Review and Customization

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Jesse Afolabi

I am an aspiring Linux Engineer, a tech writer on thedroidreview and tecmint, I also love to dance and you can find me on YouTube - be sure to subscribe.

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11 Responses

  1. Dick Newman says:

    I’ve got 17.3 (Ubuntu). What do I have to do? what steps do I have to take to make the transition to Mate? I’m new and know nothing about this O/S. I’ll be trying to learn it on my Toshiba Notebook while still running Win7 on my desk top computers.

  2. Dick Newman says:

    Well, I’m back and have had my Toshiba returned. Problem is 2-fold: 1) the shop (Honduran) installed Linux 14.04 and not 17-3; and 2) it’s in Spanish. So now I’ve got a 2-fold problem in understanding Linux and if that’s not complex enough, it’s degree of difficulty is now in a language I’m still learning.

    Trying to get to a system reset of the language but everything I have googled gives me screenshots for 14.04 that don’t match what is installed on mine. And with everything in Spanish, even with my translator loaded on my Win7 next to me, I’m not having any luck. I want to get the Toshiba language on 14.04 changed to English. Then I want to be directed to upgrade information to change from 14.04 to 17-3.

    Any help? Step-by-step type?

  3. Dick Newman says:

    Hello Jesse…better late than never. My wife & I are mid to late 70yr olds with only operational computer experience. Win 7 OS’s. We got tired of all the forced changes by MS and decided a few months ago to try Linux.

    My Win7 setup backups by Macrium Reflect every a.m. to a peripheral HD…that’s the extent of my computer savvy (I’ve never tried to reinstall from that myriad of backups). I learned they don’t do Linux so I put a halt on my decision to change.

    We do all our banking (at our ages, that means SocSec) on the Win7 and at 78yrs, doing something wrong for even a month is scary. So I have this Toshiba notebook with a Win 7 Ultimate system (different from our desktop Win7 OS’s).

    Vid chip has gone out and a few other things need attention. So I thought of paying the money to have it repaired…and then to take the Linux Mint 17.3 DTSE9 G2 USB 3D I bought and load it as the OS and begin to learn Linux without endangering my existing computer setup.

    I’ve been told all kinds of things like…no problem just dual boot from the Win 7. That scares me. Any ideas or coaching you can give a couple of old (slow-learning) users would be helpful. Right now we don’t have a lot of $$$ and our sole income source is our SS…otherwise I’d be helping you guys out.

    • wayne says:

      you mentioned you have a laptop and a desktop. Install Linux on the laptop and see how it goes. Sounds like you don’t need to dual boot. Backup your data by copying files (not using a program), just documents and pictures (not programs) before you take the plunge. check out great for beginners.

      • Dick Newman says:

        You are an encouragement Wayne. The notebook will actually go into the comp shop late next week for some repairs. At that time, I’ll tell them to wipe clean the hard drive (no OS…no nada). I’m believing that I can then insert this $50 Linux usb and have Linux installed on my reconditioned notebook. Am I off base…or will this set it up for learning how to use Linux? I appreciate the link to too! Mind if I report back to you as soon as this is actually working?
        Dr. D

        • Dick Newman says:

          I just attempted to signup for ‘Ask Ubuntu’ and failed. Bad start. The process took all of my info and it looked like a ‘GO’ and then asked me in a strange looking string the following… Ask Ubuntu requires cookies for authentication — are your browser cookies enabled for this domain? I’m sure Firefox allows cookies. Tried to enter a response but it wouldn’t allow me. The cursor blinks as if it is possible but it won’t allow a response. Ideas? I’d like to be a part of the community if possible.

  4. Rob says:

    Have you experienced any of the screen freezing issues on 17.3? that’s what drove me over to Ubuntu mate….

  5. Wayne says:

    When I became frustrated with Windows 10 I went distro shopping, determined to use Linux full-time at home instead of just playing in a VM once in awhile. Cinnamon was the most modern looking desktop, a lot of the other DE’s look dated, Mate looks good, but Cinnamon has more function, flexibility and looks better. Cinnamon works best on Mint. I’ve tried Cinnamon on Ubuntu and Debian, something’s missing and doesn’t feel the same as on Mint. All of my PC’s, laptops and even the netbooks are back in service with Mint. My wife can use it and it’s still Linux if I want to go deep on something.

    • Jesse says:

      Well said Wayne, No desktop environment (as far as I can tell) works any better outside of the original distribution it was tailored for….. the experience is night and day with these DE’s in their native distro compared to when used with others.

      PS: I’ll be going back to Mint+CInnamon permanently pretty soon on one of my systems.

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