Is Linux Operating System Virus Free?

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63 Responses

  1. Srinivasan says:


    Superb article ,recently my android phone got affected by hidden files virus.
    then removed them using antivirus in computer only.

    can we delete the *.lnk files in phone itself.while deleting it says no permission ,as it is having only read permission when i look into the details.


    Sri Venkateswara College of engg


  2. vikram bhat says:

    Good article but I would like to add a few points :-

    Linux has many open source software :- Most of the linux packages are open source , as many programmers have reviewed the code there is less chance of malware added to the code , moreover if there is less chances of security bugs as more people look into it.

    Windows has licensed software :- Most of good software in windows is licensed hence there is no access to source which gives the organization to add spywares and malwares in them. Moreover as licensed software is charged , most people use cracked versions of them for free which are actually been modified by hacker to add spyware and malware in them without the user knowing anything about it.

    Same points go against andriod where again people use cracked software.

  3. Dhaval says:

    There has been BADUSB malware recently.So is it possible that it can affect Linux since it targets firmware rather than OS.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Actually not one. There are lots of Malicious codes and we keep our users and followers updated with such news on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ page.

      That is why we never said Linux can’t be affected by Viruses. We just said it is not a soft target as windows is and provided solid reason in the support.

      Thanks for the acknowledgement.

  4. Nilson Montrond says:

    A really great article. Continue writing. I have learned so much with you. Thanks for that

  5. mikey says:

    Great article. The influx of FUD viruses on Windows has lead us to investigate migration from Windows to Linux (Ubuntu) company-wide.

  6. Ashish Negi says:

    Very good article and a lot…is there any more reason which makes. linux better then windows.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      @ Ashish Negi,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Well Linux has loads of features over windows and each of our post, just support it with a strong reason.

      Keep Connected to

  7. Ahmad says:

    What a nice post to share! very informative. I would like to subscribe all posts regarding Linux. I’m a very big fan of Linux OS and it’s power. As long as there’s something about Linux, i am gonna read it so desperately!

  8. prasad says:

    great article.. got the information what i’m looking for …

  9. gpsingh says:

    Good work….keep it up !

  10. Prasanna says:

    Hey, its really a good article keep on writing such articles .

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