TecMint Subscription and Linux Support Services

Dear friends of the Tecmint.com community,

For months many of you have asked for the chance to download our articles in PDF format right from the site. You spoke and we listened, and we are now glad to announce a new service brought to you by our team of experts. Not only will we make PDF articles available, but will also start offering Linux IT support, under the following terms:

Monthly subscription ($39): You get PDF versions of articles published during the next 30 days + gift from us: we’ll answer 5 general inquiries, 1 simple implementation, and 1 advanced request – all for free during that month.

Tecmint Monthly Subscription

Yes! You got that right! We are combining our expertise as technical writers with our skills as Linux system administrators to provide you with a quality service that is unmatched in the current Linux IT industry. Keep reading for more details!

What are general inquiries, simple implementations, and advanced requests?

As a subscriber to Tecmint.com, we won’t just answer the questions you submit via the comment form at the bottom of each article – we will give you access to our ticketing system, which will allow you to keep track of the status of each interaction and be notified immediately whenever a change has been made or an answer has been provided within 24 hours.

That said, here are the support categories you will be able to access through our ticketing system:

1. General Inquiries

As the name suggests, these are general questions about Linux. For example, “What is …?“, “What is the best way to …”?, “How can I …?“, or questions about new articles.

2. Simple Implementations

These are single package installations and configuration, 20-line (max) shell scripts, and fixes that are not expected to take more than 10 minutes each.

3. Advanced Requests

These are complex installations and / or configurations (LAMP, for example) that may take us up to 1 hour (or more) to implement and test, or complex issues that require the installation and use of troubleshooting tools to diagnose.

We are more than excited as we launch this new service. Will you join us? If you have questions about this proposal, feel free to ask using the comment form below. We can’t wait to start hearing from you!

DISCLAIMER: Free general queries, simple implementations, and advanced requests are not cumulative. If they are not used during the assigned period of time, they are lost. Simple implementations and advanced requests require that we be given access to your server(s) / virtual machine(s) / Cloud VPS(s).

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