TecMint Community – Wishes A Very Happy New Year 2015 to All our Readers

The glorious year 2014 has ended and the year 2015 has already started unfolding which surely is promising for the Tecmint Community. We have achieved several milestones last year. We produced high quality articles on wide variety of topics. We also had a broad participation of articles and long series guides from various authors around the globe.

Happy New Year 2015
Happy New Year 2015

Since the time we emerged i.e., August 15, 2012 our prime focus remained on producing quality articles for our beloved audience on regular interval. We never thought of funding or making business out of it. Tecmint then meant for us, as a single place of solution for problems of every kind and even now we stand strong for the same. We have been working hard setting goals for ourselves. We have competition with no one else but ourselves only.

In order to maintain our site, bandwidth, domain and server cost we have relied on Ads. Later we opened us for accepting donation just to fulfil the increasing demand of server, bandwidth and author cost to provide our best to our readers in the best possible way. If you like us, come here every now and then for solution or knowledge you may consider Donating to TecMint and keep us alive.

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TecMint Statistics

Some of the landmarks we (Tecmint) achieved statically in the year 2014…

  1. Total Visits : 11,382,037
  2. Unique Visitors : 7,692,530
  3. Page Views : 14,879,293
  4. Subscribers : 62000+
  5. Articles : 606
  6. Comments : 8694

Notable Achievements of 2014

Tecmint Ask Section

A community where any one can register to ask/answer question. Moreover registered user can mark an answer as best answer among several answers. Asking Question or Answering a question gives you point and batch. The whole process is automated and is very interesting. It is the best place to get answer of your question from experts or Answer a question if you are a expert in Linux/FOSS and services. If you have not registered yet, REGISTER NOW FOR FREE.

TecMint Ask
TecMint Ask

Visit Homepage: http://ask.tecmint.com

Online Network Tools

A very neat and clean website which lets you know DNS Record of a website, shorten your URL, as well as tools like Scanner, Mail Tools, Password Generator, DNS Tools, IP Location, HTTP Headers, IP Calc and scan domain utility. If you have not gone through our tools’ section you may click the link provide below and don’t forget to bookmark it by pressing Ctrl+D.

Online Network Tools
Online Network Tools

Visit Homepage: http://tools.tecmint.com

Our Future Plans

In order to make Tecmint ‘one place for solution of all kind, related to Linux’ we have been been researching, experimenting and working on certain aspects which you may been benefiting sooner or later.

TecMint New Design

A complete new website with enhanced user experience. Our aim is to provide a more productive and user friendly Home page to our readers with articles and news of all kind related to Linux and Foss.

The new Homepage will surely prove to be very handy and useful and will bind those readers who want to get all Linux related News like new releases, updates, distro news, etc. at one place.

Learn Linux Online with Terminal

Online Linux Terminal which will serve as a virtual Linux box to execute Linux commands and scripts over web browser. It aims at providing you a interface to run and Learn Linux without installing it on your physical box.

Linux Online Store

We aims at opening an online store where you can buy T-shirts with catchy slogans, gag and logos of Linux, Linux Distros and associated services.

There are several other services like Linux and WordPress consultancy and some other objectives which are in our pipeline but is at tender age and meaningless to be discussed now.

Tecmint community thanks to Mr. Ravi Saive under whose guidance tecmint is flourishing. This article would be incomplete if I don’t thank our authors, who contributed valuable articles to us:

Author Name No of Articles Written No of Comments Received
Ravi Saive 229 1390
Avishek Kumar 116 552
Matei Cezar 69 60
Gabriel Cánepa 17 27
Narad Shrestha 48 22
Babin Lonston 27 55
Hanny Helal 32 36
Pungki Arianto 10 27
Anusha Saive 2 5
Anoop C S 8 20
Rob Krul 8 10
Oltjano Terpollari 6 15
Kuldeep Sharma 8 21
Kuldeep Kulkarni 2 16
Michael David 2 6
Shambhu Singh 1 1

Special Thanks to Mr. Narad Shrestha whose valuable suggestions helped a lot in shaping Tecmint what it is today. We are thankful to all those who became a part of Tecmint Journey be it our critics, our authors, readers, audience and everyone whose name we could not write in this article.

We will be mindful of providing more contents with improved quality on more regular basis in the coming year. We will be continuing and enhancing our services and tools section with more opportunity to focus on individual problems of our readers. We thank our readers for the faith they showed in us. We seek our reader’s valuable blessings, faith and feedback as they had last year.

Once again Thank you you everyone. Have a very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed Year ahead! May all your dream come true. Almighty blessings shower on you. Restore your faith! Kudos.


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