Top 7 Things You’ll Mostly Need to Do After Installing Ubuntu 16.10/16.04

Even better, you can customized it to your heart’s content and enjoy an unparalled media experience.

  1. Handbrake – this is another cross platform application that should come in handy whenever you need to quickly convert a video file while still effectively shrinking the size.
  2. Spotify – for those of you that don’t have a premium Spotify subscription but will still like to enjoy the services it provides, then you’re mostly better off with official client for Linux that has a somewhat sub-par experience when compared to the clients on other platforms but should mostly suffice for whatever you throw at it.
Install Spotify on Ubuntu 16.10/16.04

To install Spotify, open up your terminal and enter the follow up commands from the first to the last; one after the other.

$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys BBEBDCB318AD50EC68650906
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install spotify-client

Openshot – this is by far the most basic and straightforward video editing app available for Linux, that will allow just about anybody to start their hands out at video editing.

The interface is clean and it will help you quickly get things done. Mind you, Openshot does not come anywhere close in term of feature set and functionality when compared other well established tools like Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows, Kdenlive etc.

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It’s just as basic as you can think.

Ubuntu restricted extras – you want to have this installed so you don’t have to worry about any missing codecs that will otherwise not allow some media files to play nice with the defaults of your system if not installed.

GIMP is by far the most popular free image manipulation tool (and perhaps the best alternative to Photoshop) available for Linux.

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All of the aforementioned applications (except Spotify) are available in the new software center as a free install.

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13 Responses

  1. Hari krishna says:

    Hi, I am having windows 10(v1703) but while installing the Ubuntu it is not showing install Ubuntu alongside windows. can you help me?

  2. Naresh says:


    I am trying to install ia32-libs package on Ubuntu 16.04, but i can’t do, how can i install what are the required dependencies?

    • Ravi Saive says:


      I think package ia32-libs has been deprecated. I think you’re trying to install a application that might depends on ia32-libs package. If you exactly tell us what you trying to do, we could help you out with better solution..

  3. hrx says:

    synaptics and synaptic are not the same

  4. Marcos Nakamine says:

    Correct is:
    sudo apt-get install synaptic

  5. Enwelum says:

    I recently installed ubuntu along side my pre-installed windows 8. But during startup my windows8 boots first. If I want to boot ubuntu I have to press esc key, F9 before I will see grub. Please someone should please help me

  6. techarcher says:

    Are you using 16.04 in the screen shots, it looks exactly the same as 15.10 what are the improvements in new version, why should i care to upgrade./

  7. kcdtv says:

    It sounds a bit like a joke when you affirm that firefox
    “it’s not the world’s most used browser and still lags behind Chromium – the open source version of Chrome — in terms of features and functionality.”
    firefox is globally consuming less resources than chromium, it still has more extensions and plug-in than chormium (and much betters if you lok for adavnced feature) and the argument that chrome is more popular is not relevant for a GNU-Linux user (or he will use windows)
    I am not convinced at all by your top7 stuffs to do straight after installing ubuntu… I don’t really see anything very important apart of “sudo update &&. sudo upgrade”
    What about being able to see flash video? Isn’t that more important to many users than to have various packet manager – that do the same thing- installed?
    Spotify, skype… That’s realy what you “advice” to install and what you use as a GNU-Linux fan?
    Come on! We are expecting a bit more from you.
    It is certainly not recommended to install skype from microsoft in a GNU-Linux distibution, hell no!

    • Jesse says:

      point well made. thanks. i’ll update the article in nearer future. As for skype, it multi-platform and still remians one of the most used VoIP services around the world so it’s oly fair that i added it as one of the recommended apps to for those who may need it..

  8. Bj says:

    “5. Turn Off Online Search Results”
    No need to. That will be disabled by default.

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