Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Installation Guide

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Jesse Afolabi

I am an aspiring Linux Engineer, a tech writer on thedroidreview and tecmint, I also love to dance and you can find me on YouTube - be sure to subscribe.

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28 Responses

  1. Jodi says:

    I’ve just tried to install the 16.04 upgrade, which could not fully complete. Now that I’ve rebooted, it’s asking for login information and my usual login isn’t working. Please help!

  2. Mritunjay says:

    I had ubuntu 16.04 in my system. Suddenly grub mode came. I downloaded iso file of ubuntu16.04 and made a bootale usb. Now when I am trying to install it,there is and error saying ext4 partition. … could not created. I have tried going to something else option and then mannualy doing things,but the error is still there. Please help me so that I can use my system again.

  3. John T says:

    I have a 1TB Disk drive that’s completely free of any partitions. It’s a Dell XPS 8900, i7 6700K core, 32 GB Ram. The installer tells me the disk has 0 bytes free when installing 16.04 LTS. It’s frustrating. I guess Ubuntu is too stupid to figure out how to partition my disk. I’m at a loss as Linux is not at all my preferred OS, but I want to learn it and use it, it has promise from what I’ve seen and I’m not ready to write it off yet. Trying to search for the issue I am experiencing turns up people trying to install alongside other OSs. The installer will finally crash at setting time zone, goes to collect debugging information, which fails because of the disk space.

    Any pointers would be VERY appreciated :)

  4. Al says:

    Just find your post and I wonder if you know how to get off a full disk encryption ?
    For now my xenial works great but I can’t boot anymore from usb and I don’t know how to revert my fully encrypted ssd or just reinstall without encryption from usb (I have my passphrase)

  5. Joung-Won Lee says:

    When I divide my partition and click ‘Install Now’ button, it says “The partition /dev/sdb3 assinged to / starts from the minimum alignment for this disk, which may lead to very poor performance.”. I followed the instructions below, but it still doesn’t work. I Googled it many times, but I didn’t find any suitable solution for it. What should I do?

  6. Prasanth says:

    I couldn’t connect to internet using DSL. Any help?

  7. Nyyr says:

    Formatting screwed my post:

    vg00-lv_root_crypt UUID=uuid of /dev/mapper/vg00-lv_root ………
    vg00-lv_swap_crypt UUID=uuid of /dev/mapper/vg00-lv_swap ……….

  8. Nyyr says:

    I wanted to use LVM and root+swap volume LUKS encryption on a disk containing Windows (half of the disk used). As the installer is not capable of creating LVM and encrypted volumes in this scenario I had 2 options: use mini install ISO or setup disk with desktop ISO manually.

    Mini install ISO installer does not allow installing grub into a partition, only in MBR, so you have to do some manual steps using either option if you want to use Windows boot loader.

    I used desktop Live DVD, in a terminal window I created boot partition and extended LVM partition, created vg00 diskgroup, created lv_root volume, lv_swap volume and lv_home volume.

    Using ´cryptsetup luksFormat –hash=sha512 /dev/mapper/vg00-lv_root´ and ´cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/mapper/vg00-lv_root vg00-lv_root_crypt´ (and the same way for swap) I created encrypted volumes (when you do not use naming convention {VG_NAME}-{LV_NAME}_crypt, the installer will not allow to use it ! ).

    Before I created default user I had to open terminal window again and create /etc/crypttab like this:
    vg00-lv_root_crypt UUID= none luks,hash=sha512
    vg00-lv_swap_crypt UUID= none luks,hash=sha512,swap

    and copy this file to /target/etc/ otherwise the installer FAILED to create the user.

    After that the installer finished successfully. I´m posting this as a hint for newbies like me :-)

    P.S.: If you don’t want to enter password twice during boot, after booting to the new install, modify /etc/crypttab like this:
    vg00-lv_root_crypt UUID= BLABLA1 luks,hash=sha512,keyscript=decrypt_keyctl
    vg00-lv_swap_crypt UUID= BLABLA1 luks,hash=sha512,swap,keyscript=decrypt_keyctl

    (BLABLA1 works like a variable name for storing the password you enter during boot)

    and modify /lib/cryptsetup/scripts/decrypt_keyctl according to the patch (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/183484399/decrypt_keyctl.patch) mentioned here:


    DO NOT rename the patched script, in /etc/crypttab it MUST be referred as decrypt_keyctl.

    Finally, run update-initramfs -ck all

  9. Prakash K Vijayan says:

    is there any way to upgrade the o.s to beta version and if its there then how please also tell me the process through graphic and terminal method

  10. Aaron Kili K says:

    What is new in Ubuntu 16.04?

    • Aaron Kili K says:

      When it comes to networking, because there was an issues with networking services in Ubuntu 15.04 and Ubuntu 15.10. Automatic configurations of interfaces was a problem.

      • Jesse says:

        given that Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus is an entirely new release with the Linux Kernel 4.4 and a lot of other improvements under the hood; I don’t suppose you’ll experience any of the issues you ‘ve mentioned above…but you should really try it out before installing to see how well it works with your hardware..

    • Jesse says:

      you should go through with the article first..

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