Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) Installation Guide

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Jesse Afolabi

I am an aspiring Linux Engineer, a tech writer on thedroidreview and tecmint, I also love to dance and you can find me on YouTube - be sure to subscribe.

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28 Responses

  1. Tony King says:

    I’ve installed the AMD64 distro (Kubuntu, but it should be the same) on my Lenovo Ideapad 110. I want to replace it with the i386 neither the USB nor the CD will boot. I tried booting Ubuntu 16.04, same result. Before I start creating Alpha distros and Kanotix, Knoppix, Debian etc., is this is bug or a feature?

    I need to replace that distro because my writing software (Scrivner) won’t load under the AMD flavor.

  2. Some dude says:

    Hi i am trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 on my computer, that already has windows 10, but the installation got hung on the “preparing to install Ubuntu” screen for what has now been 30 minutes. Computer specs should be fine, so is something wrong? I’m booting from dvd

  3. Rodney Jackson says:

    David Parker and also Okmesh have given me the answers I needed, thank you to them both. I wish I could remember how to give the correct answers the TICK symbol, but, Ahhh the joys of old age.

  4. Siladittya Manna says:

    My installation freezes on “force uefi installation?” Window and is non-responsive. Whether I click “go back” or “continue” nothing happens. What should I do now?

    I want to erase all the disk partitions and Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS but I plan to install Windows 10 later.

  5. Shan says:

    Hi, I already have installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my PC. I have downloaded ISO of 16.04.1. I would like to install 16.04.1 without changing the existing partitions or loosing the existing data. Can somebody tell me the steps involved? I have slow or unreliable internet connection, so I would prefer installation/upgrade from the downloaded ISO (copied to DVD).

  6. Abhinavkumar Valiyapurail says:

    I currently run Windows 7 and need to install Ubuntu on my device. I had created a partition on Windows for the install and then got stuck on the screen (step 3b/3c) where you need I was asked to set root directories and stuff. I was new to Linux and didn’t want to mess with data on my HDD so I quit the installation there. Please help as I’d really like to work with Ubuntu

  7. Jeffry R. Fisher says:

    My mystery is the third-party software checkbox. I had no idea whether I needed it, but it would have required me to suffer through another battle against secure-boot (which my HW won’t disable short of turning off EFI).

    Therefore I’m proceeding without 3rd party SW; I hope the laptop is still usable when I’m done. If there’s guidance to whether/when someone needs the 3rd party SW checkbox, please point to it.

  8. Rodney Jackson says:

    Hi, I am a noob. I am running Ubuntu 16.04.1 and sometimes get things drastically wrong. I decided to create a partition and run Linux from the partition, so when I mess up, I can still go to the original installation and copy things across to continue fiddling.

    PROBLEM: I do not know how to get into my original copy of Linux. How do i boot into the original instead of the new partition?

  9. David Parker says:

    For Crossover Linux to install 32 bit software, at least 3Mb virtual memory is required. When an entire 1 Tb HD is default formatted to use LVM, Crossover posts the error message “At least 3 Mb virtual memory is required”.
    How should 16.10 be installed to provide sufficient virtual memory for Crossover?

  10. sanjay says:

    Hi i have a dell inspiration 3543 with windows 10 installation but now i install the Ubuntu 16.04 in same laptop with follow above step and i successfully install Ubuntu but now when restart the laptop by default windows 10 is start i don’t got any option dual operation, But when i press f12 key at that time i got the one option which is windows boot manager when i select this option windows 10 is star, So my question is how i am get the dual boot option kindly help me with same issue

    • Omkesh says:

      You may need to use EasyUEFI. Simply select create a new boot entry and it will automatically select the EFI partition. There should be a grub.cfg file there. Select this and give it a name and save it. Next time you go into your Uefi menu you should see a grub option which should let you boot Ubuntu.

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