Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop (Quantal Quetzal) Linux Installation Guide

Xubuntu Linux is a community developed Ubuntu based Linux Operating System. It is good alternate for those who do not want to use GNOME or UNITY desktop environment and also said that Xubuntu is optimized for lower-end systems with light weight XFCE desktop environment. Latest stable version is 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal).

Xbuntu 12.10 Installation Guide
Xbuntu 12.10 Installation Guide with Screenshots

Direct Download Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop DVD ISO’s

Xubuntu 12.10 has been released and you can download from here or follow below links.

  1. Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop DVD ISO – 32 Bit
  2. Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop DVD ISO – 64 Bit

Torrent Download Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop DVD ISO’s

If you know how to use torrents, then we highly recommend you all to use torrent downloads.

  1. Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop Torrent DVD ISO – 32 Bit
  2. Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop Torrent DVD ISO – 64 Bit

Let us start the installation of Xubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Desktop. The installation is pretty simple and doesn’t offer many options during installation process.

Installation of XUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Desktop

1. Boot Computer with Xubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Desktop Installation CD/DVD or ISO.

Boot Xubuntu 12.10 Iso
Boot Xubuntu 12.10 CD/DVD ISO

2. Welcome screen of Xubuntu 12.10, click on Install Xubuntu to start.

Welcome Screen of Xubuntu 12.10
Xubuntu 12.10 Welcome Screen

3. Preparing to install Xubuntu, Check if you want to “Download updates while installing” and “Install this third-party software” Click on continue.

Installing Xubuntu 12.10
Preparing Xubuntu 12.10 Installation

4. Hard Disk partitioning section. I choose “Erase disk and install Xubuntu“. You can select other options in case of custom partitions.

Xubuntu 12.10 Partition
Xubuntu 12.10 Partition Selection

5. Select nearest city in your time zone.

Xubuntu 12.10 Time Zone
Xubuntu 12.10 Time Zone Selection

6. Keyboard layout selection if applicable.

Xubuntu 12.10 Keyboard
Xubuntu 12.10 Keyboard Selection

7. Fill your name and pick username along with password. The username and password will be used post installation and click on continue.

Xubuntu 12.10 username and password
Set Xubuntu 12.10 username and password

8. Installation is in progress. This may take several minutes.

Xubuntu 12.10 Installation Progress
Xubuntu 12.10 Installation in Progress

9. Installation is completed, eject CD/DVD and restart.

Xubuntu 12.10 Installation Completed
Xubuntu 12.10 Installation Completed

10. Login screen post installation. Supply username and password created during installation.

Xubuntu 12.10 Login Screen
Xubuntu 12.10 Post Installation

11. Xubuntu XFCE Desktop.

Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop
Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop Screen

12. Xubuntu base system is ready to use.

Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop Browsing
Xubuntu 12.10 Desktop Ready

Please visit to know more about Xubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal)

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