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LFCS - Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin - Exam Preparation Guide

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TecMint is constructing a large, comprehensive, and attractively written collection of tutorials.

Tecmint.com is the fastest growing and most trusted site for any kind of Linux Articles and Guides on the web. The most of the articles published here are comes directly from our readers like you.

We’re looking for an experienced Linux Technical Writers (System Administrators) to join our TecMint community and grow with us.

We also invite end users to share their short interesting tips, tricks and ideas (your tips could be related to Linux) with us, so that they can reach to our wider audience and receive recognition and appreciation from our huge growing loyal readers.

What kind of Articles can i publish at TecMint?
  1. You may write long how-to’s, guides, software reviews, tips & tricks and ideas.
  2. Write articles on Linux distros and open source Linux tools.
  3. You can write articles on latest Linux news.
  4. You cannot produce article on any commercial software, If do so, we charge one time fee. For more info, contact us.
Why should I publish my article at TecMint?

TecMint has seen some phenomenal growth and our articles read by more than 1.2 million users monthly. Here is what we can offer you.

  1. Each writer is recognized at the end of the article as the author along with a beautiful picture, link to their social profile accounts as well as a detailed biography.
  2. Great exposure to a huge growing traffic.
  3. Receive recognition and appreciation from our huge growing loyal readers.

Writing Guidelines Must Follow

  1. The article must contain at least 500 words and should not be published somewhere else.
  2. Do not copy and post duplicate content from other sites, come up with your own content and ideas.
  3. Grammatical error, usage of ignorant language and untrustworthy comments shall lead to deletion of the post.
How To Apply

Write to us at tecmint.com@gmail.com, with subject “Writer Application” and include your name, years of experience, location and sample article if any.

Note: We are not looking for a Guest Post submission. All guest post submission goes under /dev/null.

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