6 Amazing Linux Distributions For Kids

Linux and open source is the future and there is no doubt about that, and to see this come to a reality, a strong foundation has to be lied, by starting from the lowest level possible and that is exposing kids to Linux and teaching them how to use Linux operating systems.

Linux Distros For Kids
Linux Distros For Kids

Linux is a very powerful operating system and that is one of the reasons why it powers a lot of servers on the Internet. Though there have been concerns about its user friendliness which has brought about debate of how it will over take Mac OSX and Windows on desktop computers, I think users need to accept Linux as it is to realize its real power.

Today, Linux powers a lot of machines out there, from mobile phones, to tablets, laptops, workstations, servers, supercomputers, cars, air traffic control systems, refrigerators and many more. With all this and more yet to come in the near future, as I had already stated at the beginning, Linux is the operating system for future computing.

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Because the future belongs to the kids of today, then introducing them to technologies that will change the future is the way to go. Therefore they have to be introduced at an early stage to start learning computer technologies and Linux as a special case.

One thing common to children is curiosity and early learning can help instill the a character of exploration in them when the learning environment is designed to suit them.

Having looked some quick reasons why kids should learn Linux, let us now go through a list of exciting Linux distributions that you can introduce your kids to, so that they can start using and learning Linux.

Sugar on a Stick

It is a project by Sugar Labs that aims at designing free tools to support learning among children by making them gain skills in exploring, discovering, creating and also reflecting on ideas. It is a non-profit organization led by volunteers.

Sugar Neighborhood View
Sugar Neighborhood View
Sugar Activity Library
Sugar Activity Library

You can think of sugar as both a desktop and a collection of learning activities that help encourage active involvement from children who are learning.

Visit Homepage: https://www.sugarlabs.org/


This is a grassroots project that is based on the most popular Linux distribution today, Ubuntu. It is intended get schools, homes and communities to easily install and use free Ubuntu software.

Edubuntu Desktop Apps
Edubuntu Desktop Apps

It is supported by different groups of students, teachers, parents, stake holders and also hackers who believe in free learning and sharing of knowledge for self improvement and also community based development.

The main aim of the project is to assemble a system that can offer free software to enhance learning and education by making it easy for users to install and also maintain software.

Visit Homepage: http://www.edubuntu.org/

Doudou Linux

It is designed specifically for children to experience ease in using a computer while building creative thinking in them. It provides simple yet educative applications that allows kids to learn and discover new ideas while using it.

Doudou Linux
Doudou Linux

One important thing about Doudou Linux is its content filtering feature, which prevents children from visiting restricted content on the web. For more kids protection, it also includes user privacy on the Internet, automatically removes adds from web pages and many more.

Visit Homepage: http://www.doudoulinux.org/

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5 thoughts on “6 Amazing Linux Distributions For Kids”

  1. The best I found so far is the Swiss distro Lernstick, popular especially in German speaking countries, but multilingual, based on Debian 9 Stretch, all major DEs included can be chosen on bootup, remastering tools, and similar to ubermix 2 partitions can be setup – system (no writes), user (changes saved but can be easily deletted) + data exchange partition – perfect with kids.

    Plenty of edu apps and games, more than any other distro. Not sure if picaros has more though but that one was extremely outdated with terrible mixture of repos.

      • Aaron, few comments:

        When burning the initial installation media – Rufus or similar tool will do (there are 2 isos on their servers – either Lernstick or imediasdotch – standard ~6.5gb and mini ~4.3gb) make sure that your USB is NFTS formatted, FAT32 won’t work due to the fs file >4gb (or you burn mini iso to DVD).

        Then from inside the media created you can make a custom install to the working persistent liveusb or to had if needed.

        • this is a product made by the it department of a Swiss pedagogical University, and is around for years.
        • i was especially surprised that despite tons of software it is still old snappy clean Debian, flying even from USB.
        • there are 8 DEs preinstalled KDE, Gnome, Mate, LXDE, XFCE, Cinnamon, Enlightenment, Console and amazingly they cleanly made sure that only software belongs to respective DE you boot up appears in menus.

        For example pcmancm in LXDE, caja in Mate etc.


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