Linux Bash for Loop

How to Use Bash For Loop in Linux

In programming languages, Loops are essential components and are used when you want to repeat code over and over again until a specified condition is met. In Bash scripting, loops play much the same

Best Slack Alternatives

22 Best Slack Alternatives for Team Chat [Free & Paid]

Developed and maintained by Slack Technologies, Slack is an instant messaging platform that ranks among the best communication platforms for organizations and companies. It offers a plethora of features to allow users to easily

Install PuTTy on Linux

How to Install PuTTY on Linux

PuTTY is a free and open-source cross-platform SSH and telnet client that even after being around for over 20 years remains one of the most popular SSH clients being used especially on the Windows

PuTTY Configuration Tips and Tricks

Useful PuTTY Configuration Tips and Tricks

Putty is an open-source terminal emulator that supports several network protocols like Telnet, SSH, Rlogin, SCP, and Raw Socket. The initial version of putty is dated back to January 8, 1999, and was designed