8 Best Screen Recorders for Desktop Screen Recording in Linux

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Aaron Kili

Aaron Kili is a Linux and F.O.S.S enthusiast, an upcoming Linux SysAdmin, web developer, and currently a content creator for TecMint who loves working with computers and strongly believes in sharing knowledge.

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24 Responses

  1. sergi says:

    I’ve got many problems with the installation of ScreenStudio, finally I’d installed SimpleScreenRecorder and it works fine with audio and video recording possibilities

  2. rick says:

    Don’t know why people had issues with Kazam, I have used it many times, it worked as supposed from the get-go. (on Mint Mate 18 Sarah)

    I have also used VLC adding the sound from alsa, it also works no problem, more set-up for each use, and the sound quality is not as good / clear as that from Kazam using capture sound from speakers.

    Have not tried any of the others. I will say Kazam is my favorite for ease of use, and sound quality but that the file size with default frame rate “seems” large, close to 100MB for 3 minutes of MP4.

  3. blitz says:

    Simplescreenrecorder works nicely.
    Kazam & Vokoscreen is not recording; so i removed them.

  4. Azrael says:

    I’ll also mention that Kazam tends to lock up when in use, destroying video and making it pretty much useless. I gave up on it after it ate three videos in a row. It’s also spotty on whether it will decide to capture audio or not.

    I’ve tried SimpleScreenRecorder. It doesn’t even record anything. Just creates an empty file. Like Kazam, it’s pretty much useless. Both should not be included in any list of software except as a warning to avoid them.

    I haven’t tried any other software yet, but those two should be considered non-functional in their present state.

    • Aaron Kili says:


      I have used SimpleScreenRecorder before and worked perfectly for me, however, l’ll have to take time and observer what you’ve said about Kazam.

      Above all, thanks for the feedback.

    • Azrael says:

      I’ve been testing other screen recorders. OBS will record video, but not audio, and is not designed to handle anything in a window. The closest I could get was to set the resolution down to the minimum, and center the window I was actually trying to record in the prewiew screen.

      Since I don’t really want a sea of black screen around my videos, and I would prefer audio, it’s off the list. ScreenStudio doesn’t even run at all. It just crashes.

    • Azrael says:

      To finish off, I tested Vokoscreen, and it has worked pretty much straight out of the box. I’m not fond of the area record function’s massive resize tabs, especially since they do not disappear when recording.

      But I made about 6 short videos in rapid succession, so it’s been proven as working. I have not tested VLC as a recorder (I didn’t know it had such an option), and Byzanz-record.

    • Hans says:

      It works very well for me, a newbee in this. After 2 trials I found it very simple to use

      and with good Sound -Video quality without changing settings.

    • Teo says:

      I can confirm about Kazam. I hangs most of the time when i use the keyboard shortcut for pausing and resuming

  5. matt sone says:

    Good to know these screen record tools and thanks for the sharing. I always use acethinker screen recorder to make screencast on my Linux desktop, It is a web-based tool that lets you record your screen right from your browser. free and simple to use, you might add it to your list.

  6. Biffster says:

    Sorry to comment on such an old article: This article gives a reader a general idea of what screen recording software is available for Linux. However, it would have been more helpful if there had been some editorial content to go with the reviews.

    You listed the basics about each software, but if you included something like “We found that Kazam works excellently when a user just wants to record video, but if you want to do more than routine adjustments, one of the other packages will do better.”

    Or list some negative features for packages, like “VLC can be used as a screen recorder, but we can’t really recommend it due to it’s clunkiness. Stick to using VLC to view videos and choose a dedicated application.”

  7. Jalal Hajigholamali says:


    Thanks a lot for nice article

  8. Emiliano says:

    Please mention that OBS has a BIG PROBLEM with Intel graphic cards used in almost any home laptop. (Linux and Windows, both with the same problem)
    Link: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/intel-hd-graphics-directx.13138/


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