Create Systemd Service in Linux

How to Create a Systemd Service in Linux

Systemd is a modern software suite that provides many components on a Linux system including a system and service manager. It is compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts and works as a replacement

Clear Linux Terminal Screen

4 Useful Commands to Clear Linux Terminal Screen

Just like any other operating system, Linux also supports a rich Graphical User interface (GUI). In fact, it supports multiple graphical desktop environments such as – GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, and the list goes on.

Extract tar.xz File in Linux

How to List and Extract tar.xz File in Linux

A tar.xz file extension shows that the file is a tar archive file compressed using the XZ compression tool. In this guide, we will cover various examples of how to list contests of a

Find Parent Process PID in Linux

How to Find Parent Process PPID in Linux

Every time a program is executed, the kernel creates a process associated with the program. Simply put, a process is a running instance of a program in Linux. The process created by the kernel