Install Python in Ubuntu

How to Install Latest Python Version in Ubuntu

Python is the fastest-growing major general-purpose programming language. There are a number of reasons attributed to this, such as its readability and flexibility, ease to learn and use, reliability, and efficiency as well. There

Hide Files and Directories in Linux

An Easy Way to Hide Files and Directories in Linux

Do you occasionally share your Linux desktop machine with family members, friends, or perhaps with colleagues at your workplace, then you have a reason to hide certain private files as well as folders or

Install PostgreSQL in RHEL 9

How to Install PostgreSQL 15 and pgAdmin in RHEL 9

Brief: In this article, you will learn how to install the PostgreSQL 15 database server and pgAdmin 4 in RHEL 9 Linux distribution. PostgreSQL is a powerful, widely-used, open-source, multi-platform, and advanced object-relational database

Install Virtualbox in OpenSuse

How to Install Oracle VirtualBox 7.0 in OpenSUSE

Brief: In this article, we will explain how to install the latest version of Oracle VirtualBox 7.0 in the OpenSUSE Linux distribution. VirtualBox is a free and open source, powerful, feature-rich, cross-platform, and popular