Author: Aaron Kili

Increase File Upload Size in PHP 2

How to Increase File Upload Size in PHP

Are you a PHP developer or a system administrator managing servers that host PHP applications? Are you looking for a way to increase or set file upload size in PHP? If yes, then follow...

Name or Rename Docker Containers 0

How to Name or Rename Docker Containers

When Docker containers are created, the system automatically assign a universally unique identifier (UUID) number to each container to avoid any naming conflicts and improve automation without human involvement. Read Also: How to Install...

CentOS 6.10 Installation Guide 41

CentOS 6.10 Installation Guide with Screenshots

CentOS is a widely used Linux distribution in the Enterprise Linux family, because of many reasons, including being stable and manageable. This CentOS 6.10 release is based on the upstream release Red Hat Enterprise...