GNU Linux Myths

10 Myths About GNU/Linux Operating System

Brief: In this guide, we discuss some of the GNU Linux myths and misconceptions which have been going on for a while. If you are getting started with Linux or have been using it

Open Source Caching Tools for Linux

10 Top Open Source Caching Tools for Linux in 2023

Reliable distributed computing systems and applications have become the cornerstone of prominent businesses, especially in automating and managing mission-critical business processes and delivering services to customers. As developers and system administrators of these systems

Free UPnP and DLNA Media Servers for Linux

9 Best Free UPnP and DLNA Media Servers for Linux

The acronym UPnP stands for ‘Universal plug and play‘. It’s a service that enables devices on the LAN to seamlessly discover and communicate with each other, the goal being to allow video streaming, data

Create Macros in OnlyOffice Docs

How to Write Macros in ONLYOFFICE Docs

Do you have to work with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations and need to repeat complex tasks over and over again? For example, you need to highlight duplicate values in a sheet

Best MySQL GUI Tools for Linux

8 Best MySQL/MariaDB GUI Tools for Linux Administrators

MySQL is one of the most widely-used open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS), that has been around for a long time. It is an advanced, fast, reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use RDBMS intended for mission-critical,