Best IP Address Management Tools for Linux

If you are a network administrator, you surely know, how important it is to keep track of the leased IP addresses within your network and easily manage those addresses. For short the IP address management process is called IPAM. It is crucial to have a management tool to help you track allocation and classify your IP addresses, which can help you avoid network conflicts and outages.

IPAM software provides you with an overview of your network, gives you the opportunity to strategically plan your network growth and gives you the ability to provide more reliable service and reduce the number of manual administration tasks.

In this article, we are going to review some of the best IPAM software that you can use to manage IP addresses.

Solarwinds IPAM

SolarWinds is one of the more well known automated IP address management IPAM software in our list, that comes with features such as:

  • Automated IP address tracking
  • DHCP, DNS IP address management
  • Alerting and troubleshooting and reporting
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Integration with VMWare
  • API support for integration with third-party software
  • Automation of IP address requests

Solarwinds IPAM features can be easily implemented, its interface is easy to understand and navigate. The dashboard allows you to monitor your entire network from a single place:

SolarWinds IP Address Manager

SolarWinds IP Address Manager

BlueCat Address Manager

Bluecat Address Manager is a powerful tool, that helps you control your complex and dynamic network. You can reduce the manual work and reduce network admin time thanks to its automation features.

BlueCat Address manager gives you:

  • Efficient network manager through role-based access control, quick actions and workflow, tracking and auditing.
  • Ability to plan and model your network growth through templates and flexible configurations.
  • A powerful centralized management interface.
  • Integration of IP addresses, DNS and DHCP data.
  • Full support of IPv6.
  • Network automation through scheduling and on-demand deployments, web services API, automatic network discovery and network reconciliation policies.
BlueCat IP Address Manager

BlueCat IP Address Manager


Our next IPAM tool in the list is Infoblox IPAM, which provides enterprise-grade automated network services for hybrid, public and private clouds, and virtualized environments.

Infoblox IPAM gives you:

  • Increased network agility
  • Fewer security risks by automatically detecting and quarantining rogue devices.
  • Predictive analysis to avoid address exhaustion and prevent unplanned outages.
  • Automatically detect and remediate unmanaged devices.
  • DHCP fingerprinting
  • Centralized user interface
  • Custom reports and alerts
  • Customizable templates
Infoblox Next Level Networking

Infoblox Next Level Networking

LightMesh IPAM

While LightMesh IPAM provides the same functionality as the same solutions listed earlier, what really makes it stand out next to the others its user interface. It’s very effective and does a great job representing the most important information. It’s a simpler solution for enterprise environments at a relatively cheaper cost – 200$ per month for up to 10000 IP addresses.

LightMesh IPAM

LightMesh IPAM


GestióIP is a web-based automated IP address management (IPAM) software comes with powerful features such as network discovery functions, provides search and filter feature for both networks and host, an Internet Search Engine that lets you find the information that network administrators frequently looking for.

GestióIP - Open Source IP Address Management Software

GestióIP – Open Source IP Address Management Software


phpIPAM is an open-source IP address management application, whose main motive is to offer light, modern and easy IP address management. It is based on PHP and uses MySQL database as a backend, it also uses jQuery libraries, Ajax and some HTML5/CSS3 features.

phpIPAM - Open Source IP Address Management Application

phpIPAM – Open Source IP Address Management Application


NetBox is an open-source web based IP address management and data center infrastructure management application. It was developed more particulary to address the requirements of network and infrastructure engineers.

Netbox - IP Address Management Tool

Netbox – IP Address Management Tool


This was a short list of IP address management (IPAM) tools to help you keep track of your network. What IPAM tools do you use? Why you have chosen them? Do share in the comment section below.

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6 Responses

  1. Peter says:


    What about netbox?

  2. Christophe says:


    You may as well consider the TeemIp project that provides an Open Source solution (WEB-based) for IP Address management in close integration with a detailed CMDB. The solution now includes DNS and DHCP modules as well.

  3. Dos_xopow says:

    I use IPPLAN, but looking for other ipam utility.

  4. Vladislav Solovei says:

    We use free, open-source phpIPAM.

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