Basic Linux Interview Questions and Answers – Part II

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38 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    I think answer for Q6 isn’t fully correct.

    1. ~/.bashrc will run only if user shell is bash, and ~/.bashrc will run after ~/.bash_profile script if it present.
    2. Threre are a lot of scripts may run before ~/.profile script. At first /etc/profile, and then every script in /etc/profile.d/ directory.
    At fact ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile are the lastest files which called for user profile.

  2. Koshal says:

    Thanks for that waiting for more question

  3. SAB says:

    Nice list for learning basic Linux commands.


  4. Shahrun Ishak says:

    Great article. Thanks Avishek. I have never missed your articles and always archiving it for future reference.

  5. saber says:

    Thanks! waiting for new items

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Thanks @ saber, for your feedback. we are coming up with next interview article on next saturday. Till then stay tuned and connected.

  6. durga Prasad says:


  7. Yannick says:

    There is a mistake (twice) in the question and answer about resolv.conf. The file is wrongly named resolve.conf instead of resolv.conf.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Thanks @ Yannic for pointing that out. libreoffice dictionary ammended it automatically from resolv.conf to resolve.conf.

      Anyway, It has been fixed in the article.

  8. nilesh khetre says:


  9. Fernando Souza says:

    Thanks for the articles, it’s so great!!

  10. Suhail cheroor says:

    Thanks …Very helpful…

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