10 Linux Interview Questions and Answers for Linux Beginners – Part 3

Continuing the Interview Questions series, with a big thanks for the nice feedback on last two articles of this series, we are here presenting 10 questions again for interactive learning.

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Linux Interview Questions
Linux Interview Questions Part – 3
1. How will you add a new user (say, tux) to your system.?
  1. useradd command
  2. adduser command
  3. linuxconf command
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above
Answer : All of the above commands i.e., useradd, adduser and linuxconf will add an user to the Linux system.
2. How many primary partition is possible on one drive?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 4
  4. 16
Answer : There are a maximum of ‘4‘ primary partition possible on a drive.
3. The default port for Apache/Http is?
  1. 8080
  2. 80
  3. 8443
  4. 91
  5. None of the above.
Answer : By default Apache/Http is configured on port 80.
4. What does GNU stand for?
  1. GNU’s not Unix
  2. General Unix
  3. General Noble Unix
  4. Greek Needed Unix
  5. None of the above
Answer : GNU stands for ‘GNU‘s not Unix‘.
5. You typed at shell prompt “mysql” and what you got in return was “can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/mysql/mysql.sock’”, what would you check first.
Answer : Seeing the error message, I will first check if mysql is running or not using commands service mysql status or service mysqld status. If mysql service is not running, starting of the service is required.

Note:The above error message can be the result of ill configured my.cnf or mysql user permission. If mysql service starting doesn’t help, you need to see into the above said issues.

6. How to Mount a windows ntfs partition on Linux?
Answer : First install ntfs­3g pack on the system using apt or yum tool and then use “mount sudo mount ­t ntfs­3g /dev/<Windows­partition>/<Mount­point>” command to mount Windows partition on Linux.
7. From the following which is not an RPM based OS.?
  1. RedHat Linux
  2. Centos
  3. Scientific Linux
  4. Debian
  5. Fedora
Answer : The ‘Debian‘ operating system is not an RPM based and all listed above are ‘RPM‘ based except Debian.
8. Which command can be used to rename a file in Linux.?
  1. mv
  2. ren
  3. rename
  4. change
  5. None of the Above
Answer : The mv command is used to rename a file in Linux. For example, mv /path_to_File/original_file_name.extension /Path_to_File/New_name.extension.
9. Which command is used to create and display file in Linux?
  1. ed
  2. vi
  3. cat
  4. nano
  5. None of the above
Answer : The ‘cat‘ command can be used to create and display file in Linux.
10. What layer protocol is responsible for user and the application program support such as passwords, resource sharing, file transfer and network management?
  1. Layer 4 protocols
  2. Layer 5 protocols
  3. Layer 6 protocols
  4. Layer 7 protocols
  5. None of the above
Answer : The ‘Layer 7 Protocol‘ is responsible for user and the application program support such as passwords, resource sharing, file transfer and network management.

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