7 Best IRC Clients for Linux

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client is a program that a user can install on their computer and it sends and receives messages to and from an IRC server. It simply connects you to a global network of IRC servers and enables one-on-one and group communication.

There are still many users of IRC out there for one reason or the other, though considered an old fashion way of online communication. But leaving the talk of it being relevant or not to users around the world.

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7 Best IRC Clients for Linux

There are several IRC clients that are actively being developed, that you can use on a Linux desktop and in this article, we shall take a look at some of them.

1. WeeChat

It is a light, fast, highly extensible command-line based and above all cross-platform chat client that runs on Unix, Linux, BSD, GNU Hurd, Windows and Mac OS.

WeeChat IRC Client for Linux
WeeChat IRC Client for Linux

It has got some of the following features:

  1. Modular and multi-protocols architecture
  2. Highly extensible with optional plugins
  3. Fully documented and an active project

Visit Homepage : http://weechat.org/

2. Pidgin

It is an easy to use, free, cross-platform chat client that enables users to connect to several chat networks at the same time. Pidgin is more than just an IRC client, you can think of it as an all-in-one program for Internet messaging.

Pidgin IM Client for Linux
Pidgin IM Client for Linux

It supports multiple chat networks including AIM, Google Talk, Bonjour, IRC, XMPP, MSN plus many others that you can find from the Pidgin homepage and it has got the following features:

  1. Supports multiple chat networks
  2. Highly extensible with plugins
  3. Integrates with system tray on GNOME and KDE
  4. Free software with active development

Visit Homepage : http://www.pidgin.im/

3. XChat

It is an IRC client for Linux and Windows that enables users to connect several chat networks simultaneously. XChat is also easy to use with features such as support for file transfers, highly extensible using plugins and scripts functionality.

XChat IRC Client for Linux
XChat IRC Client for Linux

It comes with plugins written in Python, Perl and TCL but depends on the download source or Linux distro it comes with, users can also write plugins in C/C++ or scripts in many languages.

Visit Homepage : http://xchat.org/

4. HexChat

Originally called XChat-WDK, it is based on XChat, and unlike XChat, HexChat is free and can be used on Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, OS X and also Windows.

HexChat IRC Client for Linux
HexChat IRC Client for Linux

It is feature rich including the following:

  1. Easy to use and highly customizable
  2. Highly scriptable with Perl and Python
  3. Fully open source and actively developed
  4. Translated in several languages
  5. Multi-network with auto-connect, join, and identify functionalities
  6. Support for spelling check, proxies, SASL, DCC plus many more

Visit Homepage : http://hexchat.github.io/

5. Irssi

It is an easy to use command-line based IRC client meant for Unix-like operating systems and supports SILC and ICB protocols through plugins.

IRSSI IRC Client for Linux
IRSSI IRC Client for Linux

It has some amazing features and these include:

  1. Autologging
  2. Supports themes and formats
  3. Configurable keybindings
  4. Paste detection
  5. Support for Perl scripting
  6. Irssi proxy plugin
  7. Easy upgrades without losing connections

Visit Homepage : https://irssi.org/

6. Konversation

It is a user-friendly, fully featured IRC client developed on the KDE platform but can also run on GNOME and other Linux desktops.

Konversation IRC Client for Linux
Konversation IRC Client for Linux

Konversation has the following features:

  1. standard IRC features
  2. Support for bookmarking
  3. Easy to use GUI
  4. Support for SSL server
  5. Several servers and channels in single window
  6. DCC file transfer support
  7. Text decoration and colors
  8. On screen notifications
  9. Highly configurable
  10. Automatic UTF-8 detection
  11. Per-channel encoding support

Visit Homepage : https://konversation.kde.org/

7. Quassel IRC

This is a free, new fashion, cross-platform, distributed IRC client that works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, you can think of it as a GUI replication of WeeChat.

Quassel IRC Client for Linux
Quassel IRC Client for Linux

At the time of this writing, the Quassel development team is still actively working to setup up its features and if you visit the official website, a link I have provided below, you will actually realize that the features page has no content yet but it is actively being used.

Visit Homepage : http://www.quassel-irc.org/

If you use IRC, then having read this article, you must be ready try some of these great and amazing IRC clients for Linux. Make your choice right or you can try out all of them to actually determine which works best for you and remember to share your experience with other users around the world via the comment section below.

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  1. This IRC article has brought me memories of good times. I used one client called Ninja Script and another called Avalanche Script. In addition to the standard mIRC client on Windows, because at the time I still did not know Linux.


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