16 Most Used Microsoft Office Alternatives for Linux

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42 Responses

  1. John Glenn says:

    There are little “got’chas” with LibreOffice Writer. With Word some command functions (e.g. Search & Replace ^p with …) don’t seem to have a Writer equivalent, even with an extension at least on a Windows platform. Writer’s ribbons are crowded, but users can add/delete icons. A minor point but one that always gets my attention is the lack of borders on a Writer page — all it has are corner marks. Disconcerting after working with Word since Ver. 1 (it came on a single 5 1/4″ floppy stuffed into a PC mag).

  2. Angie Miller says:

    For an alternative to Excel, Powerpoint = Google Spreadsheets or Open Office
    Projects = Hitask.com
    Access = MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB

  3. Microsoft geek says:

    One of the Best Microsoft Excel Alternative Tools which I know are:

    1. Google Sheets
    2. Numbers (For Mac & IOs Only)
    3. Microsoft Excel Online
    4. Zoho Sheets
    5. Smartsheet

  4. ordinatous says:

    To install a deb package, you should use gDebi a gui installer.

    To install the LibreOffice suite you just download, you should unzip The archive, and then use The terminal and go In the folder, then type :

    $ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

    And, talking about database is just a joke, to pretend that an open source office suite is not a good choice.

    Most of people didn’t know just that database exist, and how to use, or to create or manage it.

    Efficient, and powerful database are, and everybody know, open-source, most of website In The world run with, postgres, mysql, mariadb, mongodb.

    If sqlServer exist it’s just because people who use it, where to lazy or dumb to learn what Linux/UNIX philosophies is.

    That’s it !

  5. kokpit says:

    SoftMaker does not include emClient it has Thunderbird

  6. Sanousy says:

    OnlyOffice looks great future, i did not try it yet, but it claimed to be fully compatible with ms office and for me, it is important because the only barrier for me to leave windows completely is the office file format.

  7. Les Privat Bandung says:

    Is there any information on installation? Like is that using .deb or install it on terminal? If using terminal is there any info about its repository?

    Thanks for any information, sorry I am still beginner

  8. Peter Andrews says:

    You spelled ‘its’ wrongly several times in this text.

  9. Karavokiris says:

    Still all these look like toys compared to the original.
    Still no respectable Project management alternative to project.
    Still no desktop database like Access.
    I think the open source community should get their act together if they want linux desktop to be a real alternative to professional applications.

    • Tibi says:

      Try RationalPlan as an alternative to MS Project. There several products and Single version is even free for Linux. Details at http://www.rationalplan.com/

    • Ben says:

      ….regards to the Database you got tons of better choice……..

      Standard SQL Database like MySQL, Maria DB
      if you needs NoSQL you get Mongodb…..
      if you want light weight build in db you got SQLite, view/managing operation you got tons of choice as well, like SQLite manager plugin for Firefox, SqliteStudio etc…..

      Seriously I cannot think any reason you need Access (its not like SQLite does not support ODBC or what)….. hell even in C# development i would chose SQLite over Access any day.

      • Gerar says:


        Of course, MySQL is a great database. However, the report creation by MS-Access my reason to remain using it.

        If among the tons of better choices one has the same easy report creation as MS-Access, I will immediately switch to it. What is your advice.

  10. Ove says:

    Linux Mint 17 Sarah…
    Calligra – no way.
    Libre Office, very good writer, disappointing spreadsheet, hopeless draw
    WPS – very good, but is not good at making Table Contents, at least had some examples of that (won’t obey the styles / headings).
    Soft Maker, Free Office is also very good, that is, the spreadsheet lacks : Text to Columns (free version). That is not nice at all.
    Soft Maker has excellent manuals online. These are world class…

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