Go from Linux Novice to Ninja with Linux Power User Bundle [5-Courses]

No doubt that Linux is an leading operating system for today’s tech world, most of the supercomputers, servers and smart phones are running on Linux. For those users, who looking for a new career as a Linux expert or just want to upgrade their knowledge set, this 5-course Linux Power User Bundle is a best deal to get you started – for just $19 and save 96% off from Tecmint Deals.

This 5-course Linux bundle is specially designed for novice users, who have little or no previous knowledge with Linux, and will prepare you with the different open source utilities and ideas most commonly used by Linux system administrators and end users to perform their day-to-day work in a real Linux environment.

This 5-course Linux bundle comes with 190+ lectures and over 20 hours of non-stop course content that includes:

  1. High Availability for the LAMP Stack: This section will explain you how to setup powerful web based applications using LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.
  2. Learn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career: This section includes 73 lectures and 12 hours of training that will teach you the basics of Linux command-line and then dive into more advanced concepts and ideas that will make you a power Linux user.
  3. Linux Alternatives to Windows Applications: In this section, you will get familiar with Linux equivalents to Windows programs and applications and run them in virtual environment without running Linux.
  4. Linux for Beginners: In this basic section, you will learn how to install WordPress, Web Server and Database Server in a Linux system and learn some advance command line techniques.
  5. Linux Command Line Essentials: In this section, you will learn how to edit and manage files and directories, lean how to use built-in documentation, search files, etc.

If purchased separately, it would cost you around $700, but you can get entire 5-course bundle for just $19, a savings of 96%.

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