Become a Professional Python Programmer

Python is an easy-to-understand, extremely versatile general-purpose programming language, that is now very popular. However, learning a new programming language can take huge amounts of time – especially if you have go sit in a physical classroom somewhere, every day.

But with Become a Professional Python Programmer online course, you can master Python from where ever you are, all you need is a computer, web browser and Internet connection. This course teaches you everything you need to know about this powerful general-purpose language in 35 hours.

The training in this course begins with understanding the installation and learning the fundamentals of Python such as common functions, conditional statements, import syntax, writing and reading to and from a file, dictionaries, error handling and so much more – before advancing to the more complex concepts.

Then you will proceed to web programming with Python where you will master object oriented programming, modules and connecting to a database. Then you will cover data visualization with Python and matilab, data analysis with Python and panda. You will import, export and manipulate data in so many different forms.

You will master how to create 2D as well as 3D graphs, bar charts, scatter plots and much more to better understand data sets.

Towards the end of the course, you will learn Django a powerful web frameworks for Python, and master how to build websites with it from scratch. You will also understand how to integrate maps, e-commerce functionality and lots of other advances features in your web applications.

And finally you will learn game development with Python from the ground up. You will master graphics setup, creating input controls, game logic and beyond.

All you have learned will be tested in a live project to solve a real-world programming challenge. Become a professional Python programmer by getting this course now at $9 on Tecmint Deals.

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