The Unity A to Z Game Development Bundle

Master all fundamentals of designing, coding, and modeling a mobile game with up to 83 hours training in The Unity A to Z Game Development Bundle; from coding in Unity, C# to designing and creating 3D models in Blender.

The training in this bundle will start with the foundations of making a 3D game, where you will learn how to build a clone of the well known mobile game, Super Mario Run, in Unity 3D. Then you will proceed to learn how to code a game in Unity from scratch.

The third course will further guide you step-by-step through the process of coding a game in Unity, and then you’ll learn how to create all the artistic elements of the game. Afterwards, you will go step-by-step through every process required to write all the code and art for an air hockey game.

Towards the end of the training, you will master how to develop a game using portals with Unity and Blender. You will also be trained on how to code in C# and build video game levels, and make 3D models for a game in Blender. In the final course, you will develop a ninja game for mobile with Unity and Blender.

What’s Included in This Bundle?

  • Build and Model a Super Mario Run Clone in Unity3D
  • Make a 2D Endless Flyer Game in Unity: Code in C# & Make Art
  • Make an Angry Birds Clone in Unity: Complete 2D Puzzle Game
  • Learn to Code by Making an Air Hockey Game in Unity
  • Make a Portals Clone in Unity 3D and Blender From Scratch
  • Build The Legend of Zelda Clone in Unity3D and Blender
  • Make a Ninja Survival Game for Mobile in Unity and Blender

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