How to Hack Your Own Linux System

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51 Responses

  1. pradeep gour says:

    I wish I had met you ages ago. Would have not facing TROUBLE and the Heart Burn I did. And saved me about US$1000/- REALLY…

  2. DJ says:

    Of course, physical access to a computer running ANY operating system is known to all security specialists to be a path to owning the machine. NOT NEWS.

  3. Anwar says:

    INIT: Id “x” respaawning too fase: desable for 5 minute

  4. Dipesh says:

    Awesome …Chains of Hacking tricks :)

  5. Abdullah says:

    Actually by passing the permission and re-setting the root password is a common practice, remember Linux is used to operate 24/7 as a server most of the time, hence no much of bios access.
    But, if you own the machine you MUST encrypt it to protect your privacy (specially laptops), you have the encryption check-box when you install the system.
    The bios is not our biggest problem but the external bootable device really.. solution is to encrypt.

    I also encourage you to put a short Bios passcode, the idea of this short code is to know if someone accessed your machine, it is not a secret code, because you could easily reset it by cutting the current “the CMOS battery”.

  6. dan says:

    are you saying that on a standard ubuntu install with boot luks encryption and home directory encryption options checked during the install process that you can still get into the system? can both the boot and home directory passwords be bypassed easily unless i make further changes?

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      I don’t think it will work with boot LUKS encryption and home directory encryption, though i have not checked it personally.

  7. ahmed says:

    i am working on the operating system that acts the best possible window as per the req of user and used the resources as per the req of user and kill the extra things secondly its also have an other feature …. its run application automatically as user login with his articifial intelligence

  8. Interesting article on resetting your own root-password.

    You missed one boot command-line parm which I find exceptionally usefull. It is “?init-/bin/sh”. Excellent for getting into the pre-execution environment. This is usefull for examining the boot script(s).

    See ./Documents/ .

  9. KM Sitlhou says:

    Have gone through the article and I must say that it is an eye-opener indeed.But , to be a hacker and really being able to break the root password would be to retrieve the root password itself and not resetting it.For example , there is a remote linux server somewhere around the world.I know the ip address of the server and so I want to compromise the server.In such a scenario , a real root password hacking would be being able to break the root password remotely and then owning the system.

    So , is that possible ?

  10. Lee Hobson says:

    I’m not able to get a GRUB menu, when I press any key to interrupt the boot.

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