A Linux User Using ‘Windows 10’ After More than 8 Years – See Comparison

Experience of a Linux-user (Myself) till now

  1. No Net-installer Image
  2. Image size too heavy
  3. No way to check the integrity of iso downloaded (no hash check)
  4. The booting and installation remains same as it was in XP, Windows 7 and 8 perhaps.
  5. As usual no output on what windows Installer is doing – What file copying or what package installing.
  6. Installation was straight forward and easy as compared to the installation of a Linux distribution.

Windows 10 Testing

19. The default Desktop is clean. It has a recycle bin Icon on the default desktop. Search web directly from the desktop itself. Additionally icons for Task viewing, Internet browsing, folder browsing and Microsoft store is there. As usual notification bar is present on the bottom right to sum up desktop.

Deskop Shortcut Icons
Deskop Shortcut Icons

20. Internet Explorer replaced with Microsoft Edge. Windows 10 has replace the legacy web browser Internet Explorer also known as IE with Edge aka project spartan.

Microsoft Edge Browser
Microsoft Edge Browser

It is fast at least as compared to IE (as it seems it testing). Familiar user Interface. The home screen contains news feed updates. There is also a search bar title that reads ‘Where to next?‘. The browser loads time is considerably low which result in improving overall speed and performance. The memory usages of Edge seems normal.

Windows Performance
Windows Performance

Edge has got cortana – Intelligent Personal Assistant, Support for chrome-extension, web Note – Take notes while Browsing, Share – Right from the tab without opening any other TAB.

Experience of a Linux-user (Myself) on this point

21. Microsoft has really improved web browsing. Lets see how stable and fine it remains. It don’t lag as of now.

22. Though RAM usages by Edge was fine for me, a lots of users are complaining that Edge is notorious for Excessive RAM Usages.

23. Difficult to say at this point if Edge is ready to compete with Chrome and/or Firefox at this point of time. Lets see what future unfolds.

A few more Virtual Tour

24. Start Menu redesigned – Seems clear and effective. Metro icons make it live. Populated with most commonly applications viz., Calendar, Mail, Edge, Photos, Contact, Temperature, Companion suite, OneNote, Store, Xbox, Music, Movies & TV, Money, News, Store, etc.

Windows Look and Feel
Windows Look and Feel

In Linux on Gnome Desktop Environment, I use to search required applications simply by pressing windows key and then type the name of the application.

Search Within Desktop
Search Within Desktop

25. File Explorer – seems clear Designing. Edges are sharp. In the left pane there is link to quick access folders.

Windows File Explorer
Windows File Explorer

Equally clear and effective file explorer on Gnome Desktop Environment on Linux. Removed UN-necessary graphics and images from icons is a plus point.

File Browser on Gnome
File Browser on Gnome

26. Settings – Though the settings are a bit refined on Windows 10, you may compare it with the settings on a Linux Box.

Settings on Windows
Windows 10 Settings
Windows 10 Settings
Setting on Linux Gnome
Gnome Settings
Gnome Settings

27. List of Applications – List of Application on Linux is better than what they use to provide (based upon my memory, when I was a regular windows user) but still it stands low as compared to how Gnome3 list application.

Application Listed by Windows
Application List on Windows 10
Application List on Windows 10
Application Listed by Gnome3 on Linux
Gnome Application List on Linux
Gnome Application List on Linux

28. Virtual Desktop – Virtual Desktop feature of Windows 10 is one of those topic which are very much talked about these days.

Here is the virtual Desktop in Windows 10.

Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual Desktop

and the virtual Desktop on Linux we are using for more than 2 decades.

Virtual Desktop on Linux
Virtual Desktop on Linux

A few other features of Windows 10

29. Windows 10 comes with wi-fi sense. It shares your password with others. Anyone who is in the range of your wi-fi and connected to you over Skype, Outlook, Hotmail or Facebook can be granted access to your wifi network. And mind it this feature has been added as a feature by microsoft to save time and hassle-free connection.

In a reply to question raised by Tecmint, Microsoft said – The user has to agree to enable wifi sense, everytime on a new network. oh! What a pathetic taste as far as security is concerned. I am not convinced.

30. Up-gradation from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is free though the retail cost of Home and pro editions are approximately $119 and $199 respectively.

31. Microsoft released first cumulative update for windows 10, which is said to put system into endless crash loop for a few people. Windows perhaps don’t understand such problem or don’t want to work on that part don’t know why.

32. Microsoft’s inbuilt utility to block/hide unwanted updates don’t work in my case. This means If a update is there, there is no way to block/hide it. Sorry windows users!

A few features native to Linux that windows 10 have

Windows 10 has a lots of features that were taken directly from Linux. If Linux were not released under GNU License perhaps Microsoft would never had the below features.

33. Command-line package management – Yup! You heard it right. Windows 10 has a built-in package management. It works only in Windows Power Shell. OneGet is the official package manager for windows. Windows package manager in action.

Windows 10 Package Manager
Windows 10 Package Manager
  1. Border-less windows
  2. Flat Icons
  3. Virtual Desktop
  4. One search for Online+offline search
  5. Convergence of mobile and desktop OS

Overall Conclusion

  1. Improved responsiveness
  2. Well implemented Animation
  3. low on resource
  4. Improved battery life
  5. Microsoft Edge web-browser is rock solid
  6. Supported on Raspberry pi 2.
  7. It is good because windows 8/8.1 was not upto mark and really bad.
  8. It is a the same old wine in new bottle. Almost the same things with brushed up icons.

What my testing suggest is Windows 10 has improved on a few things like look and feel (as windows always did), +1 for Project spartan, Virtual Desktop, Command-line package management, one search for online and offline search. It is overall an improved product but those who thinks that Windows 10 will prove to be the last nail in the coffin of Linux are mistaken.

Linux is years ahead of Windows. Their approach is different. In near future windows won’t stand anywhere around Linux and there is nothing for which a Linux user need to go to Windows 10.

That’s all for now. Hope you liked the post. I will be here again with another interesting post you people will love to read. Provide us with your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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36 thoughts on “A Linux User Using ‘Windows 10’ After More than 8 Years – See Comparison”

  1. For the part where you bash Windows for not asking for a password you don’t need a password to have a Windows account, thus, it did not release an error message. Frankly, it seems like you were just finding things to complain about, which normal users would not have even noticed.

  2. I use both Windows 10 at work and Debian 8.5 at home. So let me share some observations with you guys.

    1. Win 10 system requirements is a bullshit you need twice as much to run it smoothly. But the system is solid stable as hell.

    A balanced net installation of Linux will work fine on 1Gigahertz CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

    2. OK installation of Win10 is simpler then installation of Linux. No discussion.

    3. Have no clue what was installed and how. Windows show me pictures.

    4. Yes default win 10 Interface is beautifully clean and system boots relatively fast as long as you have more then 2 GB of ram and at least core duo CPU with more then 1MB on a first cache.

    So in 99% of cases system act fine. In another case after it boots you must wait more then a minute until you can do anything besides enjoying the view.

    By the way secret of lightning boot up is hiberfile.sys (that is probably created even when you totally turn of your PC). But I’m not sure of that.

    5. Its jams your internet connection if you have cheap adsl you are screwed end of story.

    6. You can not turn of updates they are obligatory and time consuming.

    7. Updates aren’t consume your hd space. Updates replace files instead of adding files to existing ones. Well Linux has it since its beginning. But its a great improvement in Windows.

    8. Drivers support is really awesome on Windows 10 its not a joke I was impressed.

    9. MS EDGE Is blazing fast and stable I don’t know if its secure.

    10. I cant compare Win 10 gui with my Linux desktop cause I use environment that is not so full of bells and whistles in compare of gnome or kde.

    11. CLI package management that’s awesome news for sysadmins and advanced users.

    12. It wants to send a bunch of stuff to MS see point 5.

    You must take some effort to block its activity. Its an impossible task for normal user as our mom’s

    13. As you said virtual desktop well we have it for 2 decades.

  3. I feel like this review wasn’t done with an open mind.

    There was no need to bash Windows over everything by comparing it to Linux. It’s just a matter of usecase, a particular features might not be useful for you but could be useful for another (type of) user and vice-versa.

    Beside I have read about a few nice features which are not present in any of current Linux distros but Windows have it, like multi-touch trackpad with support for gestures, support for 4K display, etc but that side of the coin was ignored completely.

    I feel the review could have been a little more unbiased, and the comparison at every single step could have been avoided.

    PS: I’m a Linux user myself, the last time I owned a Windows machine was in 2010.

    • Linux does have support for gestures (I must admit maybe that it is worse than Windows’), but it has very good 4K display support.

  4. do not get me wrong , i am a big Linux fan and i use it as my primary os of choice.

    i strongly disagree ” with all respect” to the sentence “Linux is years ahead of Windows.”

    basic functions does not work as it should compared to Mac / Windows , even latest builds for many applications that are cross platforms are not available by default or requires some work to do by the end user or wait for a 6 month spin of a new release to get it up and running.

  5. Hi Avishek Kumar, I agree Linux is way ahead of Windows that is why they are copying certain features from Linux. I love Linux but at work I need to use windows because of Office, Outlook etc. I used Ubuntu 9.04 for 1 year 6 months no hassles until I got a new laptop where I worked at my previous company, anyway I want to move back to Linux (Mint 17.2 or Ubuntu but I need help to get Office, VPN client installed so that I can forget about Windows and only look through it at home lol) I saw an alternative of WINE for Linux called CROSSOVER you have to pay for it . Is there a good tutorial that you can help with for this kind of migration. You help will be much appreciated. If I get this to work then I will convince alot of users to move over to Linux.
    Fernando Turner (South Africa)


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