Sailing Through The World of Linux BASH Scripting – Part III

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Avishek Kumar

I am a major in computer science, love to research nix. I love to write codes and scripts, review distros, experiment Foss Technologies, write technical articles, Hack, of course Ethically. I am working as System Administrator (nix) for a NGO.

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5 Responses

  1. Saravanan says:

    Hi Team ,

    Can you please explain how the rcmd command is working & how can i run multiple commands on remote machine by using the rcmd command. It will be useful if get the reply with the new post .


  2. #!/bin/bash
    while :
    opwords=( ” Sum Difference Product Quotient )
    read -ep “Enter first no.: ” n1
    read -ep “Enter second no.: ” n2
    printf “%d. %s\n” 1 Addition 2 Subtraction 3 Multiplication 4 Division
    read -sn1 -ep “Enter your choice: ” ch
    (( ch > 0 && ch < 5 )) &&
    printf '%s: %d\n' "${opwords[ch]}" "$(( n1 ${ops:ch:1} n2 ))" ||
    echo "Invalid choice"
    read -sn1 -ep "Do you want to continue (y/n)?" i
    [[ $i != "y" ]] && exit

  3. Chris says:

    How can an article using expr for arithmetic (especially with #!/bin/bash as the shebang) be taken seriously?

    if [ $i != “y” ] is unnecessary.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Chris,

      Could you elaborate? How would you change it? The test is inherent to the while statement and thus not needed. Correct?


  4. vujke says:

    just a small correction of the script

    #! /bin/bash
    while [ $i = “y” ]

    echo ” Enter one no.”
    read n1
    echo “Enter second no.”
    read n2

    echo “1.Addition”
    echo “2.Subtraction”
    echo “3.Multiplication”
    echo “4.Division”
    echo “Enter your choice”
    read ch
    case $ch in
    1)sum=`expr $n1 + $n2`
    echo “Sum =”$sum;;
    2)sum=`expr $n1 – $n2`
    echo “Sub = “$sum;;
    3)sum=`expr $n1 \* $n2`
    echo “Mul = “$sum;;
    4)sum=`expr $n1 / $n2`
    echo “Div = “$sum;;
    *)echo “Invalid choice”;;
    echo “Do u want to continue (y/n)) ?”
    read i
    if [ $i != “y” ]

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