Linux Bash for Loop

How to Use Bash For Loop in Linux

In programming languages, Loops are essential components and are used when you want to repeat code over and over again until a specified condition is met. In Bash scripting, loops play much the same

Use until Loop in Your Shell Scripts

How to Use until Loop in Your Shell Scripts

In bash for, while, and until are three loop constructs. While each loop differs syntactically and functionally their purpose is to iterate over a block of code when a certain expression is evaluated. Until

Use Heredoc in Bash Scripting

How to Use Heredoc in Shell Scripting

Here document (Heredoc) is an input or file stream literal that is treated as a special block of code. This block of code will be passed to a command for processing. Heredoc originates in

Create Simple Shell Scripts in Linux

How to Create Simple Shell Scripts in Linux

Creating shell scripts is one of the most essential skills that Linux users should have at the tip of their fingers. Shell scripts play an enormous role in automating repetitive tasks which otherwise would

Marcel Modern Linux Shell

Marcel – A More Modern Shell for Linux

Marcel is a new shell. It is similar to traditional shells in many ways, but it does a few things differently: Piping: All shells use pipes to send a text from the output of