Deal: Become a IT Service Expert with ITIL Certification Training $69 – Save 99% Off

If you have ever wanted to prove yourself as an IT professional, then the ITIL Expert Certification Training is the right one for you.

ITIL Expert Certification Training
ITIL Expert Certification Training

ITIL stands for IT infrastructure library. People who have earned the ITIL certificate often get hired in big industry companies such and get better chances to work on higher and better payed IT positions.

Tecmint Deals is proud to offer you another great opportunity to study about the ITIL certification. The online course will guide you through a real world examples in IT world, show you how to achieve better performance and increase customer satisfaction.

With this ITIL online course you will get:

  1. 123 hours of top-level online lectures
  2. Learn how to help companies increase their growth with best strategies in the business
  3. Get recognized for your professionalism and experience
  4. 6 different quizzes and exams to help you better prepare for the final test
  5. Downloadable e-books to study on the go
  6. Earn 335 PDUs for qualifying for the ITIL exam

With this deal, you will have 720 days constant access to online materials to help you study for the ITIL exam. The video materials are available over web and mobile streaming, which makes them available for you anywhere as long as you have internet connection. While the exam doesn’t require any technical knowledge it is recommended to have at least basic IT understandings.

The instructor in this courses will be Simplilearn. They work with companies and real life professionals to match their ever growing and changing learning needs. Simplilearn’s mission is to continuously provide high quality education to professionals via online platforms by focusing on certain goals.

If you are looking to enhance your IT knowledge and background, then the ITIL courses are most definitely for you. TecMint is proud to provide you with this opportunity on a discounted price of just $69 and save 99% off for all courses. Hurry up and take on this challenge on the link below:

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2 thoughts on “Deal: Become a IT Service Expert with ITIL Certification Training $69 – Save 99% Off”

  1. Where can I found a material for ITIL? I paid the price and be redirected to Simplilearn just to see the price of 1kUSD for the course. Do I have to pay additional money for the cource


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