9 Best Linux Online Training Courses for Beginners

Last Updated: 2nd March 2023

Linux is a very popular Operating System used in server, desktop, and mobile computing. Linux platform is the first choice to host Databases, Emails, Applications, and the Web.

Most of the world-class companies are running on Linux be it Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, or Amazon, and the list never ends. The popularity of Linux among individual as well as company guarantee a promising career. The fun of hands-on Linux further adds to it.

But in order to attain the needed skills, one has to walk through the necessary training and also be exposed to quality content plus instruction from experienced instructors.

Therefore, if are you a beginner or simply have intentions of upgrading your Linux System Administration skills, then below is an assortment of some great offers for you to take advantage of on Udemy Courses to attain the required Linux System Administration skills.

Course Description

These Linux online training courses are crafted for those beginners, who want to do the best of Linux skills in IT organizations. These courses are completely targeted for IT environments with an entire approach to LINUX. During training, you will be shown such Linux capabilities which are essential for building a huge success in Linux.


All students are expected to be familiar and comfortable with computers and passionate to learn new technology. No familiarity with Linux or other UNIX operating systems is expected or required.

Linux Distributions:

This course is currently supported on the latest releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Kali Linux.

1. Linux for Beginners

This course is particularly aimed at introducing persons with completely no past knowledge of Linux, you’ll walk through the necessary ins and outs from Linux installation to high-level skills.

Get to learn the following skills:

  • The basics of Linux with 76 lectures and 7h+ hours of quality content.
  • Take advantage of zero previous knowledge of Linux.
  • Install a web server and database server with ease.
  • Master advanced command line approaches.
  • Get a step-by-step checklist and video that enables you to learn how to install WordPress on the Ubuntu Linux system.

2. Linux Command Line Essentials: Become a Linux Expert

Understand one of the most vital aspects of Linux, the command line, which enables users to easily and efficiently move around the file system. With 17 lectures and 1.5 hours of content, move around the file system with ease, master Linux commands that you will use on daily basis, quickly locate commands plus so much more.

The course includes:

  • Overview and Introduction to Linux Command Line
  • Learn Basic Linux Commands
  • Getting Help
  • Managing Directories at the Command Line
  • Viewing and Editing Files
  • Managing Files at the Command Line
  • Wildcards – Part I and Part II
  • Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

3. Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career

You may probably have an interest in learning Linux, but have limited time due to a busy work schedule, here is the solution, this course will help you uncover the fundamentals to high-level approaches and know-how of Linux in just 13.5 amazing hours with 84 lectures of content.

The course includes:

  • Overview and Introduction to Linux
  • Getting Access to a Linux System
  • Installing VirtualBox on Windows and Mac
  • Installing Linux Using an Image for VirtualBox
  • Learn Linux Directory Structure
  • Basic Shell and Linux Commands
  • Working with Directories
  • Listing Files and Understanding LS Output
  • File and Directory Permissions Explained
  • Finding Files and Directories
  • View/Edit Files Using Vi, Nano, and Emacs Editor
  • Cheat Sheet for Vi, Nano, and Emamcs
  • Graphical Editors
  • Quizzes and more

4. Learn Linux Administration and Supercharge Your Career

Take advantage of this career-changing opportunity by mastering what it takes to configure, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot multiple Linux systems.

There are up to 66 lectures and 10+ hours of content 24/7 at your disposal to enable you to discover and learn the Linux system boot process, manage users and groups, understand the various concepts under disk management, portioning, and file system creation and beyond.

The course includes:

  • Overview and Introduction to Linux
  • The Linux Boot Process and System Logging
  • Disk Management: Creating, Formatting, Resizing, and Deleting
  • User and Group Management
  • Network Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Managing Processes and Jobs
  • Linux File and Directory Permissions
  • Linux Package Management
  • View/Edit Files Using Vi, Nano, and Emacs Editor
  • Shell Scripting to Automate Tasks
  • System Log Management
  • Bonus – Command Line Kung Fu

5. Learn Linux Security and Hardening

Many companies today prefer running their computer systems using the Linux operating system because of its illustrious security implementation tactics and methodologies. Therefore, this course will help you dive into understanding why Linux is the number one operating system powering several web servers on the Internet today.

You will have access to 58 lectures and 4+ hours of quality content 24/7, to help you learn how to avert attacks on your company’s computer networks, enforce good and strong password policies and control measures, learn SSH hardening techniques, and beyond.

The course includes:

  • Linux Security Principles and Guidelines
  • Physical Security: Secure Single User and Boot, Disk Encryption, and Physical Security Concepts
  • Account Security and Controlling Access using PAM Module
  • Network Security, Management, and Troubleshooting
  • Secure Linux File System and Rootkit Detection

6. Ermin Kreponic’s Course for Red Hat – RHCSA

Master Red Hat Linux and most importantly, get ready for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator Exam (RHCSA) with this comprehensive course. With 74 lectures and 16+ hours of content, get familiar with a basic GUI, understand file system navigation and command line and so much more.

The course includes:

  • Installing RedHat or CentOS with fewer modifications to your current system.
  • Installing RedHat or CentOS with a dual boot mode on Windows 8
  • Linux Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Command Line (CLI).
  • RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam preparation.
  • Essential tools for using Red Hat Linux and passing the exam.
  • The Red Hat Linux file system is explained in its basic functions.
  • User and group management.
  • Network Configuration and Secure SSH
  • File System Management, LVM Management, and Disk Encryption
  • Setup Web Server, FTP, and VNC for Remote Desktop Access
  • Secure and Harden Linux using SELinux
  • Bonus lectures

7. Linux Administration – Go from Beginner to Advanced

Due to its high-level stability and security, up to 90% of big companies in various industries use Red Hat Linux as the number one operating system to power their servers on the Internet.

Therefore you can master the ins and outs of Red Hat Linux with 76 lectures and 9+ hours of content 24/7 at your disposal.

You’ll learn how to install a Red Hat/CentOS/Fedora Linux system, discover advanced concepts such as RAID and logical volumes under disk management, navigate the file system, execute the different commands, and beyond.

The courses covered include:

  • The Ultimate Red Hat Linux Training
  • Learn App Development Using Linux
  • Comprehensive Training in Unix and Linux Fundamentals
  • The Ultimate Kali Linux and Penetration Testing Training
  • Bash Scripting in Linux
  • Linux OS OpenSUSE
  • Learn Linux Administration with Python

8. Linux Mastery: Master the Linux Command Line

With 11+ hours of training, move from a novice Linux user to a power user with the courses below.

Courses under this deal include:

  • Setting up your Virtual Machine.
  • Mastering the Linux command line.
  • Mastering the Linux file system.
  • Linux automation and scheduling.
  • Mastering Open-Source software

9. Learn Linux In One Week – eBook

The Learn Linux In One Week ebook will discuss the creation of Linux and the contributions of Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman.

You will also learn file management, user and group management, software management and to write shell scripts to help automate system administration tasks.

Nothing gets better than learning Linux today, earning highly from your newfound knowledge and skills, and watching your dreams unfold with a professional and lucrative IT career.


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    • Asalamualykum,

      First of all thanks for your article, it helps a lot. I am working in the IT domain for the past 7 years with my expertise in Window, Cisco, Vmware. I want to upgrade myself can you please suggest to me which course is good on udemy for me.

  1. I purchased the Linux System admin bundle a couple weeks ago. It advertised as take at own speed at any time. This appealed to me as I have a very busy schedule with lot’s of interruptions including travel.

    I went to login this weekend cause I had time and spent the whole weekend wasted on trying to login to take the course. I have been waiting for responses from the Tecmint support question window since Friday and still no response other than canned ones which were non-helpful. I’m beginning to wonder if I have been scammed and should I contact my credit-card firm to change my number.

    • @Yonnie,

      I understand your concerns, but what error you getting while trying to login into portal? have you received login credentials once you purchased the course? Also don’t worry we’re not scammers, if you want we can refund your money, but before that let me understand your problem. Also I forwarded the issue with the support team, they are looking into the matter, give us 1-2 days to sort it out..

  2. Hello everybody. Is there any certificates you can issue once we finish the course. Anything similar to a diploma so we can print it somehow ?

    Kindest regards,

    • @Ciprian,

      No we can’t provide such certificates after completing courses, but some courses do provide certificates after completing course.

  3. I have enough knowledge of using Linux. how can I get Linux certifications? such as Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) and
    Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE). Could you please guide me.

  4. Will CentOS included in the $69 packages , In the past I have a rough experience with your company for not deliverable of my purchases .I want to buy the full packages of Linux with CentOS

    • @Steven,

      Sorry to hear about that, could you tell me which courses not delivered? also this $69 package includes Red Hat (CentOS is clone of RedHat) distribution.

  5. I want to join Linux System Administration Online Training, is this instructor led online training. How to join it? Please reply.


    • @Sakshi,

      Go for “The Complete Linux System Administrator Bundle” from the list above. The courses includes – Red Hat Linux Training, App Development Using Linux, Kali Linux and Penetration Testing Training and more.

  6. Hello Sir, I am a free lancer and love open source. I want to learn Linux not for money but just for (may be fun) and also contributing to open source projects and I also like to learn more and more about it.

    I do not have money but want to learn about advanced Linux courses like this. Can you please help or any other resources if available in Linux. I just downloaded ‘linux from scratch‘ handbook. Please guide.

  7. Hi I have a question I get the entry level job on the basis free linux tranning which are available on Youtube, Cybrary.it, edx else what are the practical steps to get my first entry level linux system admin I’m fan of linux….Servers….Help me sir..

  8. Hi, I have knowledge in working with Linux system but I do not have any certification. Do I really need to have vendor certifications for my career growth?

    However, if I want to have RHCSA and then RHCE to enrich my resume portfolio. Now, I need to know how can I be sure (any test exam?) whether I can go for certification exam without doing any course (have working experience )? Is is possible to sit for exam without physically going to any exam center?

    • @Shoeb,

      Sorry but there isn’t any any test exam, you must do a RHCSA or RHCE certification from RedHat exam center in your location.

      • One can also consider SuSE Linux certification. Not necessarily Redhat. SuSE is also equally powerful and adopted by many enterprises.

  9. Hi,

    As I am beginner and looking to be smart Linux user and seeking to change my carrier track in Linux as a sysadmin .

    What steps should I go through?

    • @Madhav,

      Have you done any courses on Linux before? or planning to take one, If yes, go for Linux for Beginners course from the list..

      • I have not taken any Linux courses before. However, I am using Linux Mint 17.2 on my laptop. That is all the experience I have with Linux.

        Thanks for your advice.

  10. If I were to learn to be a Linux System Administrator; which Linux O/S would I have learned? Apache, Red Hat, or some other one?

  11. Hi Ravi

    Hope this meet you well, i have been looking for a training site as a Linux system Admin, when i found this link, Please i want to know if this Training for Linux For Beginners, Linux Command line Essentials and Learn Linux in 5 Days are in video format or how will one be trained on this site?


    • @Besther,

      All listed Linux courses are trained online by experts with video content for easy learning on the site..

    • @Daniel,

      I suggest you to take the Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career course as this includes from basic to advance. Once you familiar with Linux, then you can think of doing a certifications like RHCSA/RHCE or LFCS/LFCE.

  12. I’m 12th student and interested in Linux. Want to learn as much I can. Which course do you recommend. I want a full pack..

      • I wanted Linux For Beginners, Linux Command line Essentials and Learn Linux in 5 Days

        i wanted to know that is there any difference between buying courses Individually and In Linux Poweruser Bundle???

        is there any content Difference? or Will i get same if yes then i will go with Linux Power user Bundle.

        Please reply fast i Have to Buy, because your offers are Running Out…

        Mohammed Asif Suhaib

        • @Mohammed,

          I suggest you to go for Linux Power User Bundle with 5-Courses, as this bundle contains everything from basic to advance and also it includes some system administration tasks..

  13. I have done Linux system admin course as a freshers and I am interested to do job as a system admin. Is there any possibility to get a job as Linux system admin job as soon as possible and i would like to ask what course would be better to do after completion of redhat Linux training.

    • @Lokesh,

      I do understand your concerns, as you said you’ve already completed RedHat Linux training, and I don’t think you should learn anything else, just do a lot of practice and practice, one you become expert try to apply for jobs or you can use job portal to apply jobs..

  14. Hi Tecmint,

    Any certificate attended included to join below course ?
    2017 IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training

    Any demo site can testing ?


  15. Hi Ravi,

    Hope you well, I need your advise I am an Experienced Linux System Admin, i need to study for certifications can you advise me on the correct path, I am looking for Red Hat certifications. Also advise what the online courses initial what do i need on my side and pricing

    • @Praveen,

      These all are Linux online courses, once you join you have full access to course content that you can access anytime..

  16. I have a very basic Linux question. I had a friend who is now an enemy install Linux Mint 18 on a dual core Pentium processor. It works OK but I hate the ADMIN name and the User Name using command line I was able to at least change the password which I now detest but it is changed but I have to look at his aweful name every day.

    Is there a way to RENAME the System Administrator and all other accounts with this reminder of this nasty person. Either that or a reference to a spiritual program to remove the hate in my heart over what he has done to me.

  17. Hi,

    It’s been quite long time I have not practiced Linux and I would like to brush up my Linux skills and like to appear for RHCSA 7 Exam. Could you please guide me the right course.

  18. Hi, I’m new to aws & phyton and would like to learn them, Are you proving any videos (Same Like Linux). If yes, How can i access them.

  19. Hi,

    I want to learn Linux ( server administration ), but I am confused where to start. Please help me to get started with Linux.

    I mean to start learning LINUX which things I should learn first.

  20. Hello Sir,

    My name is Suvarna Jena. I am working in a web hosting company as a technical support engineer. In my company we have CentOs, linux, cpanel servers and we have shell access too.

    I want be a server administrator, so I can manage server easily with CPU usage, server load, writing scripts, hardning the servers etc. So kindly let me know which of your online course will be suitable for my work.

    I really want to be level L3 administrator so please help me selecting the course.

    Please provide me the details for the courses and their schedule.

  21. Hi, I am basic Linux user and now looking for Linux shell scripting for automating various process and want to learn various shortcuts in command line. Could you suggest the best courses for me?

  22. HI Ravi,

    I have done the RHCSA and RHCSE Certification for RHEL 7 can you please suggest me what course should i do for better growth of my career.
    I have learn shell scripting also by doing self study but got only basic knowledge.

  23. Hi Ravi
    I am working on Linux since 3 years. But I am just doing monitoring through Zabbix and Nagios. I want to become L3 in Linux. suggest me any course or book.

    Will the above mentioned courses will make me L3 in Linux

  24. Hi Ravi, I want to learn all these courses on order. i am currently working in startup company as a HR Admin & System Admin.

    I want to learn LINUX properly because i am facing many issues every day. Currently i am staying in Bangalore. Can you help me to pay amount in Indian rupees.

  25. Ravi Saive
    Good Afternoon. I have question can i pay all the linux course package at same time and start doing the course according the index above?


    • @Fernando,

      Yes, you can go with all courses by their order wise and start learning Linux as per index provided in the courses..

  26. Hi,I have 4+ Years of exp in unix and Linux support.I want to move to Admin Role by doing Certification.(RHCSA/RHCE).Could you please suggest some good book to go through it.Is it a good approach to self study and appear the certification exam?

  27. Helo Ravi,

    Need an offline Training on linux system Administration, i only have little knowledge on this and i will like to improve, please help me out.

    • @Behera,

      Don’t need to take any RHCSA/RHCE course, you can buy our RHCSA/RHCE Exam preparation Ebook, which covers everything about exam objectives with practical examples and screenshots..

    • @Ordrio,

      Yes, you will either certification/document after completion of the course, in fact one you join the training the documentation will available till life and you can access them anytime..


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