Linux Online Training Courses

Linux Online Training Courses

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  1. Sujith says:

    Hi Team, I’m looking basic and advance Linux concepts, Can you please let us know what would be the cost for Linux course.

  2. praveen Kumar BS says:

    Hi ,

    Can any one tell me how the classes will be taking. If i join the course today. when classes will start

    • Ravi Saive says:


      These all are Linux online courses, once you join you have full access to course content that you can access anytime..

  3. John Haydukovich says:

    I have a very basic Linux question. I had a friend who is now an enemy install Linux Mint 18 on a dual core Pentium processor. It works OK but I hate the ADMIN name and the User Name using command line I was able to at least change the password which I now detest but it is changed but I have to look at his aweful name every day.

    Is there a way to RENAME the System Administrator and all other accounts with this reminder of this nasty person. Either that or a reference to a spiritual program to remove the hate in my heart over what he has done to me.

  4. Bala says:


    It’s been quite long time I have not practiced Linux and I would like to brush up my Linux skills and like to appear for RHCSA 7 Exam. Could you please guide me the right course.

  5. Sujith says:

    Hi, I’m new to aws & phyton and would like to learn them, Are you proving any videos (Same Like Linux). If yes, How can i access them.

  6. muabsit says:


    I want to learn Linux ( server administration ), but I am confused where to start. Please help me to get started with Linux.

    I mean to start learning LINUX which things I should learn first.

  7. Suvarna says:

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Suvarna Jena. I am working in a web hosting company as a technical support engineer. In my company we have CentOs, linux, cpanel servers and we have shell access too.

    I want be a server administrator, so I can manage server easily with CPU usage, server load, writing scripts, hardning the servers etc. So kindly let me know which of your online course will be suitable for my work.

    I really want to be level L3 administrator so please help me selecting the course.

    Please provide me the details for the courses and their schedule.

  8. Nhan says:

    Hi I am completely a beginner. I were wondering that which course should I take first. Is it good to follow the list above ??

  9. Rakesh says:

    Hi, I am basic Linux user and now looking for Linux shell scripting for automating various process and want to learn various shortcuts in command line. Could you suggest the best courses for me?

  10. Harish Chennamsetty says:

    is there a duration or can i have access to these courses forever?

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