7 Tools to Encrypt/Decrypt and Password Protect Files in Linux

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22 Responses

  1. Hamilton Peach says:

    You forgot to say: scrypt

    # apt-cache show scrypt
    " Package: scrypt
    Version: 1.1.6-3
    Description-en: File encryption utility using scrypt for key derivation
     A simple password-based encryption utility which demonstrates the
     scrypt key derivation function.  On modern hardware and with default
     parameters, the cost of cracking the password on a file encrypted by
     scrypt enc is approximately 100 billion times more than the cost of
     cracking the same password on a file encrypted by openssl enc; this
     means that a five-character password using scrypt is stronger than a
     ten-character password using openssl.
    [...] "
  2. Amit says:

    If we encrypt a file using the command “gpg -c filename” and use cat command to check the content, we cannot see the content without a password.

    But if we use less command we can see the content. Then what is the use of it?

  3. Rafael Rojas says:

    Hi. The 3rd tool, Ccrypt, has a typo, to decrypt a file it’s ccdecrypt instead decrypt

  4. OVVYYYXXXX says:

    Hey Ya people!

    This is funny.

    It should be different and way way different.

    How do we prevent somebody to copy files from our PC while we are on the Internet!

  5. Stephane says:

    Emacs users can also use EasyPG which allows to encrypt/decrypt files with the extension .gpg
    EasyPG can either use an existing GPG key or a standalone password (i.e. symmetric encryption).

    See also https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EasyPG

    • Ravi Saive says:


      Thanks for the tip about EasyPG tool, never heard of this too so far, will certainly give a try right away…

  6. Inversion says:

    That’s not 7 tools LOL.. You’re talking about integration using the same tools gezzzzzzzzzz

  7. Kyle Lewis says:

    The article refers to bcrypt as “a key derivation function.” This shows that the author has confused bcrypt the key derivation (hash) function with bcrypt the command-line encryption program. These are two different things.

    It is true that bcrypt the hash function has been found to have weaknesses of some concern. The author’s remarks about bcrypt being unsafe however do NOT apply to bcrypt the command-line encryption program.

    • Inversion says:

      Yeah the article is completely wrong. Stating 7 when they’re using integration which uses same tools. Bad article is you ask me.

  8. Alejandro Diaz says:

    Excellent collection, thank you very much .

  9. Giorgos says:

    Great collection!
    Thanks!!! :-)

    One useful addition, (at my opinion) is Veracrypt (Truecrypt successor).

    Comes with an installer and it has a console and a gui version.
    Also with Windows and OSX versions.

  10. Rashid Samoo says:

    Dear All Author

    Kindly share the step by step for dual installation ( window 8 & fedora 21 ) with new architecture UEFI or Legacy mode, I buy new laptop and comes this new architecture Legacy mode * UEFI Mode,
    I am unable to boot both window as a Dual Boot. kindly share the tutorial from basic steps.

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