Nautilus Terminal: An Embedded Terminal for Nautilus File Browser in GNOME

Terminal is one of the most important application in Linux which makes it possible for the end user to communicate to the Linux shell and pass instructions. There are several Terminal-like Application, available either in repository or by third party for most of the Standard Linux Distribution. But this time it is a bit different.

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Yeah! We are going to test “Nautilus Terminal”. The name itself tells a lot about itself. The Nautilus is default file browser for GNOME Desktop Environment. Nautilus Terminal is an embedded terminal into the nautilus file browser.

What is Nautilus Terminal?

Nautilus Terminal is a Nautilus file browser embedded terminal, which follows your movement and automatically cd to your current directory. Nautilus Terminal makes it possible to work in command line while navigating in Real GUI.

Features of Nautilus Terminal

  1. Completely compatible with Nautilus File Browser.
  2. Designed to follow your movement and Instructions within directories.
  3. Feature of Hide/Show Terminal in file browser, as required makes it very much useful.
  4. Supports Copy and Paste in Terminal.
  5. Supports Drag and Drop of files/folders in Terminal.
  6. The Embedded Terminal is re-sizeable, as per need.

Install Nautilus Terminal in Linux

Nautilus can be downloaded from the link below. Download the correct package, according to your System architecture.


After Downloading the package which is in the form of *.tar.gz from its official website, as pointed out above, we need to do rest of it, as described below.

$ cd Downloads/ 
$ tar -zxvf nautilus-terminal_1.0_src.tar.gz 
$ cd nautilus-terminal_1.0_src 
# ./ -i
Sample Output
:: Checking the Runtime Dependencies... 

  > Python (>= 2.6)                                                      [ OK ] 
  > PyGObject                                                            [ OK ] 
  > GObject Introspection (and Gtk)                                      [MISS] 
  > VTE                                                                  [MISS] 
  > Nautilus Python (>= 1.0)                                             [MISS] 
  > Nautilus (>= 3.0)                                                    [ OK ] 
E: Some dependencies are missing.

We need to resolve dependencies manually. These dependencies were required to be fixed on my Debian 6.0.9 (Squeeze). This may not be the case with you.

On Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

On an Debian based systems, you can use the official PPA to install nautilus from repository as shown below.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flozz/flozz
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install nautilus-terminal

After successful installation of Nautilus Terminal, we are ready to test it but before that it is necessary to restart nautilus as.

$ nautilus -q

Next, start the nautilus terminal using the following command.

$ nautilus
Install Nautilus Terminal in Linux
Nautilus Terminal


Nautilus Terminal is a wonderful tool, which lets your execution in GUI to be visible in embedded command line and Vice-versa. It is a very nice tool for those newbies who are afraid of Linux command Line and/or Newbie.

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4 thoughts on “Nautilus Terminal: An Embedded Terminal for Nautilus File Browser in GNOME”

    • Yes yc you can install nautilus-terminal in Centos and RedHat.
      use DNF/Yum search to find what you need to install.

  1. I sorta tried this on gnome 3.14 on debian jessie (nautilis 3.14) and it’s not showing up. F4 doesn’t so anything either. maybe i need to do a system restart, not sure. Killed nautilus before trying ofc.

    Btw ‘sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flozz/flozz’ didn’t seem to add the right repo url in, I did ‘add-apt-repository ‘deb vivid main’ ‘ instead.


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