Skype 4.2 Released – Install on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint and Fedora

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Ravi Saive

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11 Responses

  1. Mahdi says:

    THanK YoU VeRY MuCh

  2. Bishal says:

    thanks it works perfect

  3. Cazazo says:

    skype system sounds are not working at all. Even tho I can make calls with no problems, I can not hear the skype system sounds. (ex: the login or logout sounds, the call sound or end of call, etc).
    Any Ideas?

  4. waqar says:

    I have installed skype but I don’t know why it is not logging in :(. Can someone help me ?

    • DiGwork says:

      Hi I am having the same problem and in my case I think it because Skype stays active once you’ve logged in the first time even if you quit the Skype app. Basically what this means even though you don’t have Skype actively open it is and will block any attempts to launch as it thinks you are already logged in. So my question is does anyone know how to force quit Skype so that it can launch again and loggin?

  5. Inukaze says:

    Hi there , someone , know if possible , to have chat in the same video window , like in the version 4.2, like in the 4.0 & 4.1

    Because , i really dont like , one window for chat , and and window for video. i prefer both things in same window.

  6. Volodymyr Krupach says:

    Thank you!
    sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins:i386 saved me
    Without libasound2-plugins on my xubuntu 12.04 64 bit skype does not see pulseaudio and crashes when music plays and someone calls me.

  7. nomadic says:

    Thanks for posting – got skype installed and working ok BUT>>>>>
    I’m running wheezy / xfce.
    Skype insists on starting at boot. I cant see any skype setting to stop this.
    Skype is not one of my apps appearing in session and startup. How can I set it to start only when I want to load it pse?

  8. W. Anderson says:

    If reduced functionality in Linux Skype version as compared to Windows version is “Microsoft taking care of Open Source”, then I hate to think what Microsoft would do if the company got really peeved about Linux, which they have since Linux is eating their lunch in Cloud Computing, large scale Virtualization, Financial Services infrastructure, Supercomputing and most prominent of late – Social Networking.

  9. Jake says:

    No sound and installing that package does not fix it. Pretty pissed off that now I have dummy output listed in my sound settings and apparently even uninstalling skype does not fix it.

  10. Crane Tran says:

    Microsoft, they have taken care about open source platform.

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