14 Best Open Source Music Making Software for Linux

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Aaron Kili

Aaron Kili is a Linux and F.O.S.S enthusiast, an upcoming Linux SysAdmin, web developer, and currently a content creator for TecMint who loves working with computers and strongly believes in sharing knowledge.

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28 Responses

  1. Martin Verlaan says:

    Try Smart Mix Player and create your own mix tapes or broadcast an endless mix to your radio station. GUI is not so beautiful (yet) as applications mentioned in this article, but it does a great job.

  2. Zach Yates says:

    Ubuntu Studio is a great place to start. Many of the listed programs are preinstalled. :)


  3. Windows user says:

    One of the Best DJ Softwares and Mixers which I know are:

    1. Virtual DJ
    2. Mixxx
    3. Cross DJ
    4. ZULU DJ
    5. PartyCloud Online

  4. ZenG says:

    Hey I’m using Audacity, Mixxx, Ardour, Hydrogen and Guitarix (from the list) on Linux to create Metal music and Goa Trance as a composer and music producer and play Goa Trance mixes on parties as a DJ!

    It’s suffering, but I’m getting the programs working better and better. Using only Linux is like starting from Nothing, using only the pure power of the mind to create Something out of the void. You don’t get much support from anyone in exchange for your money, (for there is no money involved) so it’s a rough start, but the best learning process! and if you “break through” … well you’ll get far.

    • Aaron Kili says:


      Absolutely true, this is what using Linux has also taught me, no much help especially when cash is not involved, so you have to learn on your own but it is the best learning process. As you have clearly stated, “if you “break through” … well you’ll get far”.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Garret C says:


  6. Julie says:

    What if you don’t want FANCY? I only want to edit my sound files. Nothing super fancy like the above. Audacity doesn’t work. I can’ t clip my sound files with it for some reason. I only want to trim off the beginning and the end. I think audacity is corrupt so I can’t even clip my files. I am looking for a very very simple alternative, nothing super fancy like these. These are way, way too much. Thanks.

    • Aaron Kili says:


      Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, we will perhaps try to find out something that works for you; simple and easy-to-use. And give you feedback soon.

    • knight says:

      Audacity does work and you can cut bits off a track and join them with others and do lots more. It can be a pain to get off the ground first time but once you get through that, its a great tool.

      I’ve used it to make ringtones for my phone off of bits of songs i like. If you need more info, just hola

  7. denniz says:

    Renoise should be in there too

  8. RongBai says:

    I was browsing for audio editors and came across ocenaudio. Just downloaded it a minute ago but haven’t installed it yet as I like to see alternatives and reviews. Just looking to amplify an ogg recording and a voice-mail from my smart phone.

    Used Audacity in the past and may do two applications for testing purposes. OcenAudio is just about a year old and my thought is that some older programs aren’t really intuitive on GUI. Not that they are bad but some are better, easier to use. Simple and quick for this project, not looking for midi studio and complexity at this time. Let ya know how it goes.

  9. MartyS says:

    Muse is another great open source audio tool – http://www.muse-sequencer.org

  10. Shamil says:

    You forgot about LMMS (https://lmms.io). An FLstudio clone. Really great software…

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