Linux Online Training Courses

Linux Online Training Courses

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  1. shiva says:

    I am interest in these course, but i am prepare online class only shell scripting or Linux admin.

  2. Anwar Yakkiparamban says:

    Great Article! thanks for your tutorials

  3. yonnie says:

    They seem to have the invalid name/password resolved. Thank you

  4. yonnie says:

    I purchased the Linux System admin bundle a couple weeks ago. It advertised as take at own speed at any time. This appealed to me as I have a very busy schedule with lot’s of interruptions including travel.

    I went to login this weekend cause I had time and spent the whole weekend wasted on trying to login to take the course. I have been waiting for responses from the Tecmint support question window since Friday and still no response other than canned ones which were non-helpful. I’m beginning to wonder if I have been scammed and should I contact my credit-card firm to change my number.

    • Ravi Saive says:


      I understand your concerns, but what error you getting while trying to login into portal? have you received login credentials once you purchased the course? Also don’t worry we’re not scammers, if you want we can refund your money, but before that let me understand your problem. Also I forwarded the issue with the support team, they are looking into the matter, give us 1-2 days to sort it out..

  5. yonnie says:

    where is the course? I paid for a course, where is the course?

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