4 Useful Tips on mkdir, tar and kill Commands in Linux

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17 Responses

  1. sampath says:

    i want all important commmands pls send me my mail id.

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      @sampath, I would have loved do send you every important commands on your email id but practically i am too busy and have no time. You may use the search bar at the top of Tecmint.com to search posts already published. We are adding new posts on daily basis. Keep learning. keep connected. If you have any query related to Linux/FOSS, ask us at linuxsay.com

  2. vic says:

    Thanks! Very useful.

  3. Jose Medina says:

    I really, really like your Linux tricks and shortcuts, I have been a Linux enthusiast for a while by now and I am making a lot of progress since I started swimming in this ocean, thank you very much but I have a question regarding your free Ebooks and that question is: Does everyone have to belong to a company or corporation in order to get any of the books you offer? I am actually studying and practicing on my very own and although I have a job, my job does not involve any computer work since I work in the food service industry, so I have no employer to mention in order to obtain one of your free ebooks. How does it work?

    • Ravi Saive says:

      Not like that, but you should fill all the information to get the free ebooks and this is one time registration only..

  4. Tomas says:


    $ tar xvf firefox-37.0.2.tar.bz2 -C /opt/

    Tar can detect the file format and tar xf FILENAME is all you need to unpack a file ;)

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      @ Tomas

      $ tar cf will extract but wont be verbose. To produce a verbose output i used (-v). Here all i needed was to tell people to use option (-C). Please go through the post, once again!

  5. Roos says:

    Brace expansion is very usefull, here is another usefull trick for you. This will create a backupfile with the “.bak” extension.(there should be no spaces in between..)
    cp somefile{,.bak}

  6. Krishna says:

    Very useful trick and tips.
    Thanks for posting
    keep posting :)

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Thanks Krishna for your Feedback. Happy to know, it was helpful for you.
      Keep connected for more such posts.

  7. Mohamed Magdy says:

    Other than pkill you may use also:
    killall -KILL apache2

    • Avishek Kumar says:

      Agree @Mohamed Magdy.
      I wrote the post from the point of view of doing it quickly and efficiently and add it to habit.

  8. Carlos says:

    Hi, most part of day I usually use ‘pgrep …’ then ‘kill -9 ..’, so, about pkill…I need to start to use it.

    Very useful this article, thanks brow!

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