15 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 15.04 Desktop

8. Install Media Burners

To mount ISO images or burn a CDs or a DVD, you can choose and install from the following software:

  1. Brasero Disk Burner
  2. K3b
  3. Xfburn
  4. Furius ISO Mount
$ sudo apt-get install brasero
$ sudo apt-get install k3b
$ sudo apt-get install xfburn
$ sudo apt-get install furiusisomount
Install Media Burners
Install Media Burners

9. Install Archive Applications

To handle most of archive formatted files (zip, tar.gz, zip, 7zip rar etc) install the following packages by issuing the below command:

$ sudo apt-get install unace unrar zip unzip p7zip-full p7zip-rar sharutils rar uudeview mpack arj cabextract file-roller
Install Archive Applications
Install Archive Applications

10. Install Chat Application

If you want to talk to people all over the world, here is a list of the most popular chat applications for Linux:

  1. Pidgin
  2. Skype
  3. Xchat
  4. Telegram
  5. aMSN
  6. Viber

You can install most of them from Ubuntu Software Center or by using the command line:

$ sudo apt-get install pidgin
$ sudo apt-get install skype
$ sudo apt-get install xchat
$ sudo apt-get install amsn
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/telegram -y
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install telegram
Install Chat Applications
Install Chat Applications

To install Viber application on Ubuntu visit Viber official webpage, download the Debian package locally and install the viber.deb application using Gdebi package manager (left click – > Open with -> GDebi Package Installer).

Install Viber in Ubuntu
Install Viber

11. Install Torrent Software

The most popular torrent applications and peer-to-peer file sharing programs for Ubuntu are:

  1. Deluge
  2. Transmission
  3. Qbittorrent
  4. LinuxDC++

To install your favorite peer-to-peer file sharing application on Ubuntu issue the following command on Terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install deluge
$ sudo apt-get install transmission
$ sudo apt-get install qbittorrent
$ sudo apt-get install linuxdcpp
Install Torrent
Install Torrent

12. Install Windows Emulator -Wine and Gaming Support – Steam

Wine emulator allows you to install and run Windows applications on Linux. On the other hand, Steam is a popular gaming platform for Linux based systems developed by Valve. To install both of them on your machine issue the following command on Terminal or use Ubuntu Software Center.

$ sudo apt-get install steam wine winetricks
Install Wine
Install Wine

13. Install Cairo-Dock and Enable Desktop Visual Effects

Cairo-Dock is a beautiful and flexible launcher bar for Linux desktops similar to the Mac OS X dock. To install it on Ubuntu, run the following command on Terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins 
Install Cairo Dock
Install Cairo Dock
Add Cairo Dock at Startup
Add Cairo Dock at Startup

To enable a set of Desktop Effects, such as Cube effect, install Compiz package with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-plugins-extra

To activate the Desktop Cube effect, search for ccsm on Dash, open CompizConfig Settings Manager, go to General Options – > Desktop Size and set Horizontal Virtual Size value to 4 and Vertical Virtual Size to 1. Then go back and check Desktop Cube (Disable Desktop Wall) and Rotate Cube boxes (Resolve Conflicts ->Disable Switch to Viewport 1) and press Ctrl+Alt+Left Mouse Click to view the cube effect.

Enable Compiz
Enable Compiz
Compiz Settings
Compiz Settings
Compiz Settings Addons
Compiz Settings Addons
Desktop Window Rotating
Desktop Window Rotating

14. Add Extra Browser Support

Ubuntu 15.04 comes by default with Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. To install other browsers such as Google Chrome or Opera, visit their official web pages, download the provided .deb packages and install them on your system using the Gdebi Package Installer.

Enable Browser Support
Enable Browser Support
Opera Browser Support
Opera Browser Support

To install Chromium Open Source browser issue the following command on Terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

15. Install Tweak Tools

Want extra applications for customizing Ubuntu? Then install Unity Tweak Tool and Gnome Tweak Tool by issuing the following commands on Terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool gnome-tweak-tool
Install Tweak Tool
Install Tweak Tool
Tweak Tool Settings
Tweak Tool Settings

Another interesting tweak tool is represented by the Ubuntu Tweak package which can be obtained and installed by visiting the webpage: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/.

Tweak Tool: System Information
Tweak Tool: System Information

After you have installed all this bunch of software, you might want to clean your system in order to free some space on the hard drive, by issuing the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get -y autoremove 
$ sudo apt-get -y autoclean 
$ sudo apt-get -y clean

This are just a few tweaks and programs that an average user might install and use on Ubuntu 15.04 Desktop for daily basic utilization. For more advanced programs, features and utilities use Ubuntu Software Center or consult Ubuntu Wiki webpage.

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38 thoughts on “15 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 15.04 Desktop”

  1. Package ‘gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad‘ has no installation candidate.

    I got this error when I ran this command:

    $ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad lame libavcodec-extra

    I searched for a solution on StackOverflow but didn’t find any. Can anyone help me?

  2. Hello Geeks :-)
    I got one little problem here. while installing the Synaptic and Gdebi package tools there poped up a window with agreements from Mycrosoft and in the bottom of it there is
    I guess that this should be clicable but I can’t click neither with mouse or after marking with and pressing Enter.
    How can I get over this?

    Thanks fellas :-)

  3. help of the 12 other websites that reported “15 best things to do after installing U-15” yours was the only one that actually installed the tweaker tool… sad cuz now i have PPA’s and Gdebi installed and they are broken?

    peeps should keep up on their shit make sure their repositories are up and working,

    thanks man, worth a bookmark IMO

  4. Thanks for this article, some great advice. Just one thing though, you should really put a skull and crossbones icon next to the Compiz manager (CCSM) – definitely not for noobs and in fact needs very careful handling even by the experienced. Imagine using a powerful and buggy tool (like, say a spasmodically operating hydraulic drill) to reorganise a house of cards. That’s essentially what you do when you set CCSM loose on Unity. Can easily mess your system up and waste hours of your time to get it functional again. Definitely not the fun bit of eye-candy tweaking code it first appears to be!

    • I’m glad I saw your comment. I did exactly as it told me, but I can’t even use Dash to find CCSM. It installed, but it doesn’t show up as this guys screenshots display it. But if it’s not for newbies, I’ll stay way. It *looks* like some simple effects, but if you’re saying it’s not, I’ll just get more acclimated to Ubuntu first.

  5. As of today, untill I know what update(s) buged my ubuntu 15.04 lately to make a continious loop to login
    while I decided to automate this part, I ll keep it this way,

    I have business projects to run and got very busy after being back from sever depression.

    I had this opportunity some minutes ago to have the time to restore before it froze again.

    I m glad I could do it !

    Anyone ?!

    1:09 pm, Sept 9.2015


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