15 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 15.04 Desktop

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Matei Cezar

I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting.

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37 Responses

  1. Ladislav Szekely says:

    Hello Geeks :-)
    I got one little problem here. while installing the Synaptic and Gdebi package tools there poped up a window with agreements from Mycrosoft and in the bottom of it there is
    I guess that this should be clicable but I can’t click neither with mouse or after marking with and pressing Enter.
    How can I get over this?

    Thanks fellas :-)

    • Ladislav Szekely says:

      And one more comment to this. When I press ESC then it vanishes for hundred of a second and it comes back!

      • Matei Cezar says:

        Ignore the pop-up, close all windows, reboot the machine, fire up a Terminal and install gdebi and synaptic from command line using apt-get package manager.

    • icke says:

      Had that installing something too (Steam or so I believe) right cursor does the job (the one right to the right ctrl key “->”), maybe multiple times necessary.

    • Helping says:

      You hit tab and then enter to select and accept.

  2. Good information after installing Ubuntu 15.04 thanks. Ubuntu is very beautiful OS.

  3. DeAn says:

    help of the 12 other websites that reported “15 best things to do after installing U-15” yours was the only one that actually installed the tweaker tool… sad cuz now i have PPA’s and Gdebi installed and they are broken?

    peeps should keep up on their shit make sure their repositories are up and working,

    thanks man, worth a bookmark IMO

  4. Oferfeksake says:

    Thanks for this article, some great advice. Just one thing though, you should really put a skull and crossbones icon next to the Compiz manager (CCSM) – definitely not for noobs and in fact needs very careful handling even by the experienced. Imagine using a powerful and buggy tool (like, say a spasmodically operating hydraulic drill) to reorganise a house of cards. That’s essentially what you do when you set CCSM loose on Unity. Can easily mess your system up and waste hours of your time to get it functional again. Definitely not the fun bit of eye-candy tweaking code it first appears to be!

    • Lox says:

      I’m glad I saw your comment. I did exactly as it told me, but I can’t even use Dash to find CCSM. It installed, but it doesn’t show up as this guys screenshots display it. But if it’s not for newbies, I’ll stay way. It *looks* like some simple effects, but if you’re saying it’s not, I’ll just get more acclimated to Ubuntu first.

  5. mertch says:

    As of today, untill I know what update(s) buged my ubuntu 15.04 lately to make a continious loop to login
    while I decided to automate this part, I ll keep it this way,

    I have business projects to run and got very busy after being back from sever depression.

    I had this opportunity some minutes ago to have the time to restore before it froze again.

    I m glad I could do it !

    Anyone ?!

    1:09 pm, Sept 9.2015

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