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Install Memcached on Ubuntu Server 0

How to Install and Configure Memcached on Ubuntu

Memcached is a free and opensource in-memory caching system that speeds up web applications by caching large volumes of data in memory that are generated from page load requests or API calls. Memcached is...


How to Install OpenVPN in Ubuntu 20.04

OpenVPN is an open-source, fast, popular program for creating a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It uses both the TCP and UDP transmission protocols, and VPN tunnels are secured with OpenVPN protocol with SSL/TLS authentication,...

Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 0

How to Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

TeamViewer is a cross-platform, proprietary application that allows a user to remotely gain access to another user’s desktop, share the desktop and even allow file transfer between computers over an internet connection. It’s a...