Clone CentOS Server with Rsync

How to Clone a CentOS Server with Rsync

Cloning is the practice of cloning an exact copy of an existing Live Linux server using the rsync command-line tool. Cloning requires 2 instances of servers – the server to be cloned and the

ReaR - Backup and Recover a Linux System

Relax-and-Recover – Backup and Recover a Linux System

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR in short) is a simple yet powerful, easy-to-setup, full-featured and leading open-source bare metal disaster recovery and system migration solution, written in Bash. It is a modular and configurable framework with numerous

Install fwbackups in Linux

fwbackups – A Feature-rich Backup Program for Linux

fwbackups is a free and open-source feature-rich user backup application that allows you to backup your important documents anytime, anywhere using a simple powerful interface with the support for scheduled backups and backing up